Soudal Fix All

Soudal Fix All

Introducing the Soudal Fix All Series.

Fix All Flexi: The highly flexible adhesive sealant. A product for gluing and grouting, while Fix All Flexi adapts to the movements of the ground.

Fix All Turbo: The Super Fast. If you want to keep it fast, the Fix All Turbo is the right choice, after just 20 minutes a solid and stable adhesive bond has been created. Full curing takes only 3 hours.

Fix All Crystal: Crystal clear like a diamond. The universal adhesive & sealant for all building materials which is 100% transparent and crystal clear.

Fix All High Tack: As strong as never before. The Fix All High Tack is immediately adhesive and has an incredible final strength of 320kg per 10cm².

Fix All X-Treme Power: An adhesive that has earned the name "assembly adhesive". Immediately assemble extremely heavy materials without the need for additional tools or attachments.