2K adhesive processing instructions

Processing instructions for 2-component adhesive

In this instruction manual, the handling of the2k adhesive Ottocoll M580 described. The processing temperature of the adhesive is between + 5 ° C and + 40 ° C.

At temperatures above or below it is advised against processing! This should be done before at each
2K adhesive be checked.

For processing the double cartridge 2 x 190 ml or 2 x 310 ml (mixing ratio 1: 1), it is recommended to use a compressed air gun for double cartridges. Maximum working pressure: 5 bar when processed by compressed air guns.

Air Gun P2x190ml Air Gun 2x310ml
Druckluftpistole 2x190ml Druckluftpistole 2x310ml
Cartridge Gun 2x190ml Cartridge Gun 2x310ml
2k kartuschenpistole 2x190ml 2k kartuschenpistole 2x310ml


If suitable cartridges are used for double cartridges in MV 1: 1, the extrusion force must not exceed 5 kN and the feed rate of the pressure plates must be <200 mm / min. be. Please wear suitable work protection when handling adhesives and chemicals (protective goggles, protective gloves, etc.)

When inserting the double cartridge, make sure that the two pressure plates are inserted in the back of the cartridge:


Doppelkartusche Klebstoff

1. Preparation for processing the 2K OTTOCOLL M580 adhesive

Ottocoll M580 in 2K Kartuschenpistole einlegen 2k Kleber auspressen
Insert the cartridge into the gun bowl, unscrew the protective cap and remove the stopper Press material without static mixer until material emerges from both openings
Mischer auf 2K Klebstoff aufschrauben 2K Klebstoff Verarbeiten
Wipe off material and screw on the included static mixer MGQ 10-19D Fill the static mixer with adhesive and check the homogeneity of the mixture (see Processing Quality Control 2K Products)


For particularly narrow adhesive joints, a standard cartridge nozzle can be attached to the static mixer by means of a special threaded attachment which serves as an adapter. The nozzle can be adjusted by shortening or flattening at the top of the respective geometry of the glue joint.

2K Mischer verlängern 2K Mischer verlängern mit Kartuschendüse
Cartridge nozzle, threaded attachment, static mixer First screw the threaded attachment with the not raked side into the internal thread of the standard cartridge nozzle
2K Mischer mit Gewinde in Kartuschendüse 2K Mischer und Kartuschendüse verbinden
Screwed thread attachment in the standard cartridge nozzle Place the standard cartridge nozzle with threaded attachment straight onto the static mixer tip and "screw it onto the smooth surface"

2K Mischer und Kartuschendüse


2. Pre-treatment of adhesive surfaces for 2K adhesive

Cleaning: The surfaces to be cleaned must be cleaned and any contaminants such as release agents, preservatives, grease, oil, dust, water, old adhesives / sealants and other substances affecting adhesion must be removed.
Cleaning non-porous surfaces: Clean with OTTO Cleaner T and a clean, lint-free cloth.
Cleaning porous substrates: surfaces mechanically, e.g. with a steel brush or a grinding wheel, clean from loose particles. Remove the sanding dust or loose particles with a vacuum cleaner (no compressed air!).
Priming: The requirements for elastic seals and adhesives depend on the respective external influences. Extreme temperature fluctuations, tensile and shear forces, repeated contact with water, etc. make high demands on an adhesive bond. In such cases, the use of a primer is advisable in order to achieve the highest possible strength.

3. Bonding with 2 components glue

The open time must be taken into account when bonding. For longer service life possibly change static mixer.