Remove silicone

Remove siliconeSilikonfuge entfernen

Removing silicone can end in utter despair if you do the work the wrong way. If it is really stupid, you even have a visit to the doctor included, because you cut your finger. So we'd like to give you a few tips for the still working hand, so you can do the work easier.

So much in advance: Without tools they will not be successful. However, you do not have to resort to expensive products, and certain home remedies are ideal for removing silicone.


Whether "expensive" product or home remedy, you must first remove the coarse stripes. No agent can dissolve the silicone in air. It is best to use a cutter for cutting. If you do not have one, the cutting also works with a razor blade. But beware! Risk of injury! The less silicone left by cutting in and pulling out, the better. Before and during cutting you can still try to loosen the silicone strips with universal thinner. Mineral spirits or vinegar can also help with the preparations. However, there will be leftovers that are difficult or impossible to access with the knife, and further efforts would only cause damage. In the second step, you can therefore resort to home remedies, such as vinegar or detergent. Both must be applied to the silicone residues and act.

Use vinegar as a silicone remover

The home remedy vinegar should be mixed in a ratio of 1: 2 with water. Then apply the mix with a cloth or in hard-to-reach places with an ear-stick. Leave the vinegar to work for about ten minutes. Then the silicone should be better to remove.

Use detergent as a silicone remover

Also, undiluted detergent may help in the removal of silicone. Simply lubricate the silicone properly and let it work for about 15 minutes. Then the silicone residues should be easy to remove. Especially on tiles, detergent as a silicone remover works well.

Good to know: When researching the topic of silicone removal is also advised to nail polish remover or baby oil. Both home remedies are only conditionally suitable for removing silicone. On the one hand for health reasons, since the use of nail polish toxic vapors can occur and baby oil is so that the oil must first come under the silicone to release it from the ground. Can work, but can also be very frustrating. In addition, baby oil leaves stains on wood and should not be used in these areas.

silicone removerSilikonentferner

Without selling you anything now, but in our tests, the silicone remover has done the best job. Persistent silicone residues can be removed relatively easily and the nerves are spared. Silicone removers typically consist of petroleum, 2-methoxy-1-methylethylacrylate, xylene and ethylbenzene. Freshly hardened silicone can even be easily removed due to the composition of mineral oil and phosphates. Simply wipe with a rag and done! Disadvantage is of course that silicone removers are not very cheap. The prices are between 10-30 euros for a tube. The purchase is worthwhile, however, and the silicone remover is usually used several times.

I wish you success