Seal window

Seal window » Seal the window frame to the glass pane

Fenster abdichten Fensterrahmen zur Glasscheibe

When sealing windows with standard sealants the so-called "eraser effect" occur, depending on the load on the window. For some time now there have been special silicone sealants for glass sealing to seal the window which do not have this effect. The Ottoseal S120 and Ottoseal S110 have been tested by the Institute of Window Technology in Rosenheim in accordance with DIN 18545 for the glazing seam sealing of windows with silicone sealant, which meet the special requirements for abrasion resistance and streak resistance as well as the requirements of the sealant group E according to DIN 18545 Part 2.

In the case of glazing seam sealing of windows and doors, some abrasion of sealants is determined in some cases depending on the stress. This abrasion becomes visible on the glass by a lamination and occurs mainly in the nearer region of the glass seam seal. This effect becomes particularly evident when e.g. Sunbeams hit the window directly. Here, the streaking is in the form of Newtonian rings from. Attempts to eliminate them with standard household cleaning products are doomed to failure. If necessary, with special cleaning agents such. Glass polishing agent is able to get back to a streak-free glass under great effort. To avoid this, it was necessary to research the cause of streaking and solve the problem in the long run.

Therefore, there are tested sealants for windows which have a very high abrasion resistance and streak resistance. The use of these sealants prevents abrasion and streaking when properly processed and properly cleaned on windows and doors.

Fenster abdichten mit Silikon Inserting the sealant between window frame and glass pane.
Fenster abdichten Silikon abziehen an Glasscheibe Removing the window silicone on the glass pane and window frame with smoothening spatula and smoothing agent.
Fenster abgedichtet mit Fenstersilikon Window sealed with window silicone
Fenster reinigen von Silikon Clean the frame and the disc of smoother residues


Clean silicone joint

The silicone joint should be cleaned with a damp, soft cloth with standard window cleaning agents. If heavily soiled, the silicone joint should be cleaned with spirit. Before the first window cleaning, the window silicone must harden for at least 3 days to avoid damaging the seal.