Acryrub Cleanroom


Acryrub Cleanroom Cleanroom Sealant is a high quality acrylic based sealant tested to DIN EN ISO 846, complies with VDI 6022 requirements.

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Acryrub Cleanroom

Product Info Acryrub Cleanroom Cleanroom Sealant:

Acryrub Cleanroom Cleanroom Sealant is a high quality acrylic based sealant tested to DIN EN ISO 846, complies with VDI 6022 requirements.

Tested according to DIN EN ISO 846
Meets the requirements of VDI 6022, Blatt1 u. 3 to microbial inertness and is suitable for use in RLT systems
Very easy to process
Solvent and silicone free
Maximum total deformation 10%
Colorfast, weather and UV resistant
Waterproof after curing
Very good adhesion to corrosion-protected metals
After complete curing very well paint compatible according to DIN 52452
Can be overpainted or overpainted.

Fields of application Cleanroom Silicone:

Sealing in the climate and ventilation, clean room technology and exhaust systems in commercial kitchens
Sealing sheet metal joints, seams and overlaps in metal and apparatus construction
Weld seam sealing in vehicle, ship and container construction

Under Gründ:

All porous building substrates, such as Concrete, clinker, bricks, aerated concrete, plasterboard, plaster, masonry, and fiber cement. The adhesive surfaces must be stable, clean, free of dust and grease. Do not use on glass, corrosive metals, enamels and ceramics and for underwater grouts. Contact with bitumen, tar, or plasticizer-releasing materials such as e.g. Avoid EPDM, APTK, chloroprene rubber (neoprene), butyl, insulating coatings and foams, as they may cause incompatibilities such as discoloration or loss of adhesion. ACRYRUB CLEANROOM is not suitable for joints on marble and other natural stones, as this can lead to adhesion problems and / or discoloration. For this we recommend natural stone silicone.
It is advisable to carry out a bonding and compatibility test on every surface first. Pretreatment: coat strongly porous surfaces with a mixture of 1/3 ACRYRUB CLEANROOM and 2/3 water and then leave to air for at least 60 minutes. Clean / degrease non-absorbent surfaces with SURFACE CLEANER or acetone.


Processing temperature: + 5ºC to + 35ºC.
Attachment method: Spray with manual gun, compressed air gun or battery gun.
Cleaning: With turpentine substitute before curing, then with silicone remover or mechanically removable.
Smoothing: with smoother and joint smoother against skin formation.

Standards and approvals:

VDI 6022, sheet 1 - tested according to DIN EN ISO 846 (ILH, Berlin - test report BM 0 / 09-2)


Driving rain-proof after formation of a solid surface skin (about 60 minutes). Not suitable for permanent water pollution. Drying is significantly delayed at low temperatures and / or high humidity! According to the relevant standards (for example, DIN 18540), elastic sealants should not be overcoated over the entire surface, since tensions and movements may cause crack formation in the non-elastic coating. For joints with a max. 5% movement, ACRYRUB CLEANROOM can be painted over after complete drying, whereby the applied coating must be able to compensate for the movements of the sealant. Due to the large number of paint systems available on the market we recommend in advance
appropriate compatibility and adhesion tests.


12 months from date of production in unopened packaging in a cool (+ 5ºC and + 25ºC) and dry storage. Close off the drums and consume them at short notice.


310 ml PE cartridge (15 Ktu per carton)

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