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Fix All X-Treme

Product info:

Fix All X-Treme Power is a high adhesion adhesive with a minimum initial tack of at least 400 kg / m2. Extremely adhesive bonding with simultaneous elasticity.

Extremely high initial adhesion of min. 400 kg / m2
Fast curing
Good workability thanks to included nozzle with triangular cutout.
high shear strength after complete curing (no primer)
Remains elastic after curing and is very durable
Virtually odorless
High weather and UV resistance
Free of isocyanates, solvents, halogen and acids
Very good adhesion on most surfaces, even slightly damp.

Application areas:

Gluing in construction and the metalworking industry.
Elastic bonding of objects, plates, profiles and other parts on most surfaces.
For glued facade panels we recommend the Soudal Panel System.
Elastic structural joints in the automotive industry: buses, trains, trucks, caravans, shipbuilding, ...


Processing: Apply the glue uniformly in strips or dots (every 15 cm) to one of the materials to be bonded using a spray gun. at
Plate bonding Apply the adhesive beads always to the edge and corner area of ​​the plates. Press together the materials to be bonded and knock on the hammer with a rubber. If necessary, a support of the bonded materials may be required. The bond can be loaded after 24-48 hours.
Cleaning: Clean with benzene or Soudal Surface Cleaner immediately after use (before curing).
Smoothing: With a smoothing agent before skin formation.
Repair option: With Fix All X-Treme


15 months from date of production in unopened packaging in a cool (+ 5ºC to + 25ºC) and dry storage. Close off the drums and consume them at short notice.


290 ml cartridge


White black

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