Akkupistole HPS-6T

Akkupistole HPS-6T

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Akkupistole HPS-6T für ermüdungsfreies verarbeiten von Dichtstoffen und Klebstoffen da die Akkupistole mit Akku gerade mal 2,3kg wiegt lässt sich dieses leichtgewicht sehr gut und lange in der Hand halten ohne Ermüdungserscheinungen. Akkupistole HPS-6T mit Lithium Ionen Akku mit 10.8V für eine volle Ladung gerade mal ca. 30 Minuten.

Manufacturer:OTTO Chemie
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Akkupistole HPS-6T

Product information:

Battery pistol RO-50) for cartridges and up to 600 ml aluminum foil bag (with charger, battery 7.2 volt, transparent Zylinderset. Not in stock (delivery time about 2 to 3 weeks)


The clean and controlled filling of cracks and voids.


With the relaxation of the press lever and a smooth push rod.


Can be cleaned easily with GUNS & FOAM CLEANER.

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1 pistol

Sika Primer 3NSika Primer 3N
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baseprice: 8,40EUR / 100 ml

Sika Primer 3N

Manufacturer: Sika
Item number: pr3N
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PRIMER 150 verbessert die Haftung von Dichtstoffen aus Silikon, MS Polymer und SMX Technologie auf porösen Untergründen. Speziell bei erhöhter Wasserbelastung der Fugen ist die Verwendung zu empfehlen.

Sikaflex Pro 3Sikaflex Pro 3
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baseprice: 1,57EUR / 100 ml

Sikaflex Pro 3

Manufacturer: Sika
Item number: pro3
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exposed Sikaflex-PRO 3 WF for floor joints in interior and exterior concrete and screed that are dormant or rolling traffic loads as in warehouses, manufacturing warehouses, yards, parking decks, parking garages, on many popular natural stone or tiled flooring in entrance halls, staircases homes, shopping malls. Due to the low notch sensitivity and high tear resistance Sikaflex-PRO 3 WF is suitable for areas which are subject to regular mechanical cleaning very well.

PE Rundschnüre B2PE Rundschnüre B2
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baseprice: 0,12EUR / pro m

PE Rundschnüre B2

Manufacturer: OTTO Chemie
Item number: peb2
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PE Rundschnüre B2 im online shop kaufen. Wasserabweisende Rundschnur für die Anwendung im Innen- und Außenbereich.

Akkupistole MilwaukeeAkkupistole Milwaukee
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Akkupistole Milwaukee

Item number: da600/tp
Delivery beginn within 24hrs Delivery beginn within 24hrs **

Battery cartridge guns facilitate the processing of adhesives and sealants, especially for larger tasks.
The caulking gun battery 14.4 volt with PBS 3000: the professional battery system from Milwaukee for cartridges and foil packs can be due to their very good balance this out particularly well. For the high pressure of 280 kg, a powerful engine, in conjunction with a robust, durable metal gears. New to Milwaukee Cordless Caulking Gun is the controls the discharge of a 6-stage wheel.

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