Ottocoll M560 adhesive / sealant

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OTTO Chemie
OTTO Chemie

Ottocoll M500 Klebstoff / Dichtstoff zum spannungsausgl. kleben und abdichten unterschiedl. Materialien wie Holz,Glas,Metall,Alu,eloxiertes Aluminium,messing,kupfer,hart pvc,ziegel,fliesen. Ottocoll M 500 der Allrounder mit hervorragenden Eigenschaften.

  • Klebstoff und Dichtstoff auf Basis silanterminierter Polymere
  • Sehr gute primerlose Haftung auf zahlreichen Untergründen, auch bei Wasserbelastung
  • Sehr gute Witterungsbeständig, Alterungsbeständig und UV-Beständigkeit
  • Im Innen- und Außenbereich einsetzbar
  • Schnelle Aushärtung auch in hohen Schichtstärken
  • Elastisch - für spannungsausgleichende Klebung und bei dynamischen Belastungen
  • Sehr hohe mechanische Festigkeit - dadurch hohe Kerb-, Zug- und Weiterreißfestigkeit

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Ottocoll M560 adhesive / sealant

Product information:

Ottocoll M 500 Universal Klebedichtstoff to spannungsausgl. glue and seal unterschiedl. Materials such as wood, glass, metal, aluminum, anodized aluminum, brass, copper, hard pvc, bricks, tiles. Ottocoll M 500 of the all-rounder with excellent properties.

  • Adhesive and sealant based on silane-terminated polymers 
  • Very good adhesion on many substrates primers, including water pollution 
  • Very good weathering, aging and UV resistance 
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors 
  • Fast curing, even at high film thicknesses 
  • Flexible - for voltage balancing bonding and dynamic loads 
  • Very high mechanical strength - resulting in high-Curb, train and tear


  • Voltage balancing bonding and sealing of various materials, wood, glass, metals (eg aluminum, anodizing, brass, copper), rigid PVC, flexible PVC, brick, tile
  • Body and vehicle, wagon and container, metal and apparatus, air-conditioning and ventilation technology, shipbuilding
  • A wide construction applications, such as staircases etc.


Before using the adhesive / sealant, the user has to ensure that the materials in the contact area (solid, liquid and gas) with the adhesive / sealant are compatible and do not damage them or alter (eg, discoloration). For building materials that are processed in the sequence in the area of the adhesive / sealant, the user has to clarify in advance that their ingredients or fumes did not affect or change (such as discoloration of the adhesive), may lead sealant. Where appropriate, the user has to consult with the respective manufacturer of building materials. At the same time high UV and wasserbelasteter bonding or sealing of glass, such as etc., in glass facades, roof glazing, we recommend the use of silicone sealant, such as OTTOSEAL S 10


Preparation of adhesive surfaces Compatibility: paints, coatings, plastics and other coatings Mater alien must be compatible with the adhesive / sealant.

Cleaning: Surfaces must be cleaned and any contaminants are removed, such as release agents, preservatives, grease, oil, dust, water, waste adhesives / sealants and other liability interfering substances.

Substrates: cleaner for cleaning should not poröse.Die Cleaner with OTTO T, or mechanical or other cleaners on acetone Isopropanolbasis and with a clean, lint-free cloth erfolgen.Reiniger for porous surfaces: Porous surfaces must be such be cleaned with a wire brush or a grinding wheel, from loose particles.

Application Note:

The time to cure can be shortened by addition of moisture and higher temperatures. In the vapor-dimensional bonding of substrates Ottocoll M 500 to speed the curing process should be moistened. Avoiding air inclusions: For best adhesion and good mechanical properties, must avoid the inclusion of air. Because of the large number of possible influences during processing and the application is from the user can always make a sample processing and application. The concrete Aufbrauchsdatum refer to printed packaging and observe.


Processing temperature: +5 º C to +35 º C.
Mounting method: hand pressing, compressed air or hose out battery gun.
Cleaning: with white spirit before curing, then with silicone remover and removed mechanically.
Smooth: With Glättmittel and Abziehspachtel before skinning.


Cool and dry for at least 24 months shelf life.

Delivery form:

310 ml cartridge (20 KTU. Per box)


white, gray, black

>> Technical Data >> Material Safety Data Sheet >> Test (EN1186, EN 13,130, CEN / TS 14234)

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