Ottoseal A207

OTTO Chemie
OTTO Chemie
OTTO Chemie

Ottoseal A207 acrylic sealant offers excellent value for money. With a practical movement capacity of 15% and an excellent coating compatibility Ottoseal A207 acrylic sealant is ideal for interior design.

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Ottoseal A207


Ottoseal A207 acrylic sealant offers excellent value for money. With a practical movement capacity of 15% and an excellent coating compatibility Ottoseal A207 acrylic sealant is ideal for interior design.

  • 1K acrylic sealant
  • Movement capability 15%
  • Low odor
  • Paintable to DIN 52452
  • Good UV resistance
  • Up to 48 hours at max. -10 ° C to be stored and transported


  • suitable primarily for interior
  • Expansion and connecting joints with little stress, eg between wood window or door frame and masonry, plaster or concrete
  • Joints and connections to concrete, aerated concrete, plaster, masonry, wood, gypsum board, asbestos cement, roller shutters, window sills etc.

Standards and tests:

For applications according to IVD Factsheet No. 16 suitable


Before the use of the adhesive / sealant, the user must ensure that the materials in the contact area (solid, liquid and gas) with the adhesive / sealant are compatible and that do not damage or change (eg color). Construction materials that are processed in the order in the area of the adhesive / sealant, the user has to clarify in advance that their ingredients or fumes can lead to any impairment or alteration (eg, discoloration) of the adhesive / sealant material. If necessary, the user has to take consultation with the respective manufacturer of building materials. At normal temperature (23 ° C / 50% rh), the sealant forms after about 2 hours a solid surface skin. Until then, must be avoided to rain or other effects of water on the fresh sealant. Lower temperatures and / or high humidity can reduce the drying rate of the sealant significantly. Do not use at temperatures below +5 ° C. During the curing / drying it comes to the color change of the sealant. The final color is reached after full cure. Compatibility with water-based paints is given in most cases. Due to the large number of commercially available coating systems, we recommend the compatibility of sealants and coatings to review or to consult with our technical department. According to the relevant standards should be elastic joint sealants are generally not painted over the entire surface, since tensions and movements in the cracking may occur in contrast to the sealant is not resilient paint coatings. In cases where the sealant is painted over in joints with little movement, a drying time must be observed for at least 1 week. Physical contact with bituminous and plasticizer-emitting materials such as Butyl, EPDM, neoprene, insulated, and black paints to avoid. After curing, the product is completely odorless, physiologically harmless and indifferent.


Surfaces must be clean, dust-free and fat-free and sustainable. Surfaces must be cleaned and any contaminants, such as release agents, preservatives, grease, oil, dust, water, old adhesives and other substances which could affect the liability away. Clean non-porous surfaces: Clean with Cleaner OTTO T (waiting time about 1 minute) and a clean, lint-free cloth. Cleaning of porous surfaces: surfaces mechanically, eg with a steel brush or a grinding wheel clean of loose particles. Porous mineral bonding surfaces should be moistened with water to improve adhesion. Also want to improve adhesion available: on absorbent substrates - a mixture of acrylic sealant / water 1:2 - on absorbent and non absorbent surfaces: Primer


Sealant with manual pressing gun, air gun or squirt gun battery evenly, press it before the onset of surface skin formation with moistened tool. Impurities removed with fresh water. Because of the large number of possible influences during processing and use by the processor is always pre-trial processing and application. The concrete Aufbrauchdatum is printed on the packaging printing and observed. We recommend the adhesives / sealants in the original unopened - containers dry (

12 months in frost-free storage, temporary storage to -10 ° C possible, but not longer than 48 hours


300 ml cartridge (20 KTU. Per box)


white, concrete-gray, brown, black

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