• Alternative Dichtbahn für die Abdichtung unter keramischen Fliesen und Naturstein im Dünnbettverfahren (z.B. Naßbereiche wie Badezimmer, Duschanlagen, Beckenumlaufbereiche von Schwimmbädern, aber auch Industriebereiche in der Lebensmittelindustrie, in Brauereien oder Molkereien)

  • OTTOFLEX Dichtbahn Entkopplungsmatte ist eine rissüberbrückende, entkoppelnde, wasserdichte alternative Dichtbahn mit Spezialvlies zur sicheren Verankerung des darauf aufgebrachten Fliesenklebers

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Product information:

OTTOFLEX ground is an alternative sealing sealing for the sealing under ceramic tile and natural stone thin bed (eg wet areas like bathrooms, showers, pelvic circulation areas of swimming pools, saunas, steam baths, steam saunas, as well as industries in the food industry, breweries and dairies. )

  • Polyethylene Abdichtbahn with double-sided special fleece
  • Watertight with wasserdampfbremsenden Properties
  • Good resistance to aqueous solutions of salts, acids and bases, many organic solvents, alcohols and oils, alkali
  •  Aging and rotting
  •  Practical high elongation and crack bridging
  •  For indoor use

 Standards and tests:

  • Can be OTTOFLEX Abdichtbahn after abP to load classes (A1, A2 regulated, C) and after the ZDB for the demand class (0, A01, A02) are not regulated use
  • General Test Certificate (P5205/945/08-MPA BS)


  • Alternative sealing for the sealing under ceramic tiles and natural stone in the thin bed (eg wet areas like bathrooms, showers, pelvic circulation areas of swimming pools, but also industrial areas in the food industry, breweries or dairies)
  • OTTOFLEX Abdichtbahn crack-bridging is an alternative, decoupling, water-tight sealing with special fabric for safe anchoring of the tile adhesive applied to

 Application Notes:

Preparation:Substrates on which the OTTOFLEX Abdichtbahn should be placed, are generally flatness, stability, and moisture check. Haftungsbeeinträchtigende components of the surface must be removed.

We recommend absorbent substrates with OTTOFLEX vorzugrundieren deep ground. For smooth surfaces (eg, glazed tiles) recommend a scratch coat with hochkunststoffvergütetem
Tile adhesive.

The residual moisture in cement flooring (screed on insulation /) even with underfloor heating should be a maximum of 2.0 CM%.

The residual moisture in anhydrite (screed on insulation / in floor heating systems) should be a maximum of 0.5 CM 0.3 CM%% amounts)

The residual moisture in the wall area (cement or gypsum plaster should be a maximum of 1.0 CM% (visual inspection - no dark spots visible).

The substrate must be clean, firm and level. The used to process the OTTOFLEX Abdichtbahn adhesive must be tailored to the nature of the surface and anchor themselves in the nonwoven fabric of OTTOFLEX Abdichtbahn. In general, the use of hydraulically setting C 2 tile adhesives is possible. The crop is OTTOFLEX Abdichtbahn before processing to measure.


1.The tile adhesive is applied with a notched trowel 4 x 4 mm full surface of the substrate (note the adhesive open time).

2.OTTOFLEX entire surface Abdichtbahn push into the adhesive. To recommend the Glattseite impressions of the notched trowel or a Glättspachtel, which is conducted under pressure diagonally on the OTTOFLEX Abdichtbahn. Air pockets must be avoided.

3.OTTOFLEX Abdichtbahn in the joint area at least 5 cm overlap with a hydraulically setting tile adhesive bonded C 2 (Use Class 0). To be used to load classes A1, A2, C and A01 to A02 must be able to reach in the overlapping area Ottocoll M 500th

4.For inside and outside corners, edges and pipe penetrations in the products from the OTTOFLEX can be used system. (OTTOFLEX Outside corner Inside corner, Bodendichtmanschette and Wanddichtmannschette and OTTOFLEX sealing tape). However, these should be tightly bonded in the overlapping area. Bringing this OTTOFLEX products can take place before or after processing the OTTOFLEX Abdichtbahn.

5.Only when the OTTOFLEX is sealing all laps, corners and connectors closely bonded, can be started with the application of the coating. A waiting period is not required.

6.For the thin-bed tile laying the tile adhesive is to apply directly to the OTTOFLEX Abdichtbahn. Then the tiles are laid to vollsatt. The choice of the tile adhesive has to be agreed on the flooring and stress. Here, too, can usually a water resistant hydraulically setting tile adhesive be used (according to DIN EN 12004 - At least one C 2 glue). For chemikalienbeanspruchte coverings suitable reaction resin adhesives and grouts are used.


In order to load the classes A1, A2, C and A01 to A02 must be able to reach in the overlapping area Ottocoll used 500 M



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30m x 1m wide

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