Düsenspitze für Schlauchbeutel

OTTO Chemie
OTTO Chemie
OTTO Chemie

Standard-Schlauchbeutel-düse Geeignet für Silikon Schlauchbeutel, MS Polymer Schlauchbeutel, Acryl Schlauchbeutel und alle üblichen Schlauchbeutel.

Düsenspitze für Schlauchbeutel

Product information:

Standard flute-shaped nozzle

This nozzle tip for hose bag is in each box with hose bags.


Suitable for silicone tube bag, MS polymer tube bag, acrylic tube bag and all the usual pillow pack.


In a tubular bag and touch upon touched down in the desired position, so that the desired amount of material can be used in accordance with the joint size.

Delivery form:

1 nozzle tip

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