Fountain foam mounting foam


Profi Wellschaum Pistol is a 1K ready to use pistol foam. Soudal fountain foam was specially developed for sealing fountain rings and manhole rings. Excellent adhesion on all materials (except PE, PP). High insulation value, thermal and acoustic.

Fountain foam mounting foam

Product info:

PROFESSIONAL FOUNTAIN FOAM GUN is a Single, self-Ready and polyurethane foam designed for the rapid economic and shaft sealing rings and fountain has been developed. The foam creates a watertight connection and age, replacing the Aufmörteln (300,612 OFI audit report, Vienna). PROFESSIONAL FOUNTAIN FOAM GUN will be a special Dosierpistole ausgesprüht. This is a very high form stability with excellent yields and foam structure achieved. The gas is harmless to the ozone layer.

HCFCs and CFC-free (Montreal Convention) The propellant is completely harmless to the ozone layer.

Überputz and spreadable
Creates a fast (6-20 hours) and waterproof (up to 0.5 bar) connection

Replaced Aufmörteln
Excellent dimensional stability, i.e. Wasting no volume and very little after stretching when the curing is complete.

Excellent adhesion to almost all Bauuntergründen (except PE, PP, PTFE and silicones)

Fast toughness
Resistant to a variety of solvents, paints and chemicals, oil, gasoline and all the normally occurring soil bacteria and acids

Aging resistant, are non, but not UVbeständig


Sealing and assembly of Brunnenund shaft rings of channel entrance shafts and building sewage treatment plants.


Can fixed to unscrew the screw gun and pistol can with the bottom about 30 x shake vigorously so that the contents are well mixed cans and foam quality is optimized. Joints or voids only about 1 / 3 ausschäumen because the foam still rising. About person, fully hardened foam off with a knife.
Processing temperature: +5 ° C to +30 ° C (maximum: 15-25 ° C)
Cleaning: with pistols and foam cleansers before curing, then only mechanically removable.


12 months from the date of production in unopened packaging in cooler (+5 º C and +25 º C) and dry storage. The foam boxes must be stored below the bonding of Sprühventiles ruled out. Dawn cans well sealed and consume the short term.


750ml Aerosolsprühdose (12 cans per case)



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