Caulking Gun

Irion Vertriebs GmbH
Irion Vertriebs GmbH

Für das Verarbeiten von 310ml Kartuschen bis zu 600ml Schlauchbeuteln Silikon,MS Polymer,Acryl sowie andere Dichtmittel und Klebstoffe
Gummierte Griffflächen für angenehmes Handling und perfekten Halt in jeder Lage
Sicherheits-Einschaltsperre verhindert unabsichtliches betätigen des Schalters
Bis zu 225 kg Auspressdruck - daher auch für Materielien mit höherer Viskosität geeignet
Transparenter Zylinder - dadurch kann die Füllmenge und die Funktionsfähigkeit des Kolbens ständig überprüft werden


Caulking Gun


  • For the processing of 310ml cartridges up to 600ml tube silicone bags, MS polymer, acrylic and other sealants and adhesives
  • Variable feed rate
  • Fast loading mechanism
  • Rubberized grips for comfortable handling and a perfect fit in any position
  • Safety lock prevents accidental pressing of the switch
  • Up to 225 kg ejection pressure - hence suitable for supply materials with higher viscosity
  • Transparent cylinders - thus, the capacity and the functionality of the piston can be kept under review
  • High impact with very good outdoor weather resistance
  • Solvent-resistant
  • CE certified
  • Automatic return of the piston rod when the trigger prevents discharge flow of the sealing material or adhesive
  • Performance: strong enough to replace network-related processing equipment for sealants and adhesives
  • Construction: compact construction, ergonomic design and easy one-hand operation for fatigue-free work for a longer time

Technical data:

Weight: 2.6 kg (including battery)
Length: about 580 mm
Power: about 2250 N (225 kgf)
Battery: Lithium Ion 18 Volt / 1,4 Ah
Charger: 45 min quick charger

Feed speed, potentiometer - infinitely adjustable - depending on the desired material flow rate and viscosity of the material
No-load speed: 1 to 5.5 mm / sec

The clean and controlled filling joints and cavities in the art activities within the construction industry or interior industry and the construction industry, automotive trade and industry, Automotive Aftermarket, window and door manufacturers, glass construction, winter gardens, aquarium, etc.


Does a Lithium-ion battery will be stored must be monitored regularly the state of charge. The optimum charge level is between 50% and 80%. The self-discharge of 1% per month is extremely low, but strongly temperature dependent. Lithium-ion batteries to be recharged every 3 to 4 months to avoid the discharge. One cell reaches a voltage below 2V can destroy the cell.
be the acquisition of lithium-ion batteries have always expected that batteries give up the ghost prematurely. Especially when the batteries come from the Far East or longer have been on the road. This also applies to spare batteries, which have possibly longer storage behind. If a battery but broken, then a repair can be considered. If not, then the battery should the dealership or the hazardous waste.

Battery Care:

Whether a lithium-ion battery lasts only one or even 5 years, depending on the processing, use and temperature.
Chemical changes in the electrolyte and the oxidation of the electrodes are the main cause of aging. The lithium-ion batteries in 2 to 3 years loss of capacity is only a rule of thumb.
Not used batteries should not be in the device, but stored externally. The higher the temperature, so the warmer the battery, the faster it ages. As electronic devices during the operation is very hot this a bad condition for lithium-ion batteries. The best do you store them with half the charge in the refrigerator. In a self-discharge of 1% per month holds the charge very long.


  • 1 caulking gun BKO-600 / KF
  • Lithium ion battery 18V 1.4 Ah
  • 45min. Quick charger

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