Fensterdichtband innen


FENSTERDICHTBAND INNEN ist ein PP/Alu Vlies - Band zur inneren, dampfdiffusionsdichten Abdichtung von Fensteranschlussfugen nach DIN 4108-7 EnEv und RAL– Richtlinien. Fensterdichtband innen ist Luftdichtheit (DIN 4108-7) und Wasserdichtheit, Schlagregendichtheit (DIN EN 1928) und für eine RAL Montage bestens geeignet.

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Fensterdichtband innen

Product information:

  • Adhesive for bonding on the
  • Window Alkali
  • Permeable
  • Resistant microorganisms
  • UV Stabilized
  • Überputz and paintable
  • Universal for new and old buildings
  • Bridging gaps larger tolerances

          especially in the EIFS.

Standards and tests:

  • Window connection joints after EnEv RAL and DIN 4108-7.



  • Bauanschlusskörper according to RAL-Assembly Directives
  • On the outside of the Building connection for windows and doors
  • Outside, the sealing of vapor diffusion

          Connecting joints in new and old buildings


INSIDE FENSTERDICHTBAND automatic wire cutting, foil from
Tape and then remove the foil to the
Window cling. Depending on the design before it can
or after the installation of the window. Then
the Anschlussfuge with polyurethane foam (eg foam PROFESSIONAL
X-TRA750 foamed
) pistol. After the foam
no further expansion can Soudaseal 215 LM for the
Following on the masonry as a caterpillar on the gaps
Volume and applied to a residual thickness of 1-2 mm or
Minimum width of 25mm evenly using a roller
be pressed. The residual thickness must be maintained at
to facilitate the drying of the glue. The bond is
only after complete curing of the adhesive fully
Loads. Within the first 5 hours the adhesive is
not load! In a wood-frame construction is the
Following on the interior vapor barrier or lock.
Butt joints of the tapes are also with Soudaseal
215 LM
run. Fensterdichtband inside can now
überspachtelt be plastered, painted over or.

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