Flexi Schaum


Flexi Schaum von Soudal ist ein Pistolenschaum der Ca. 3 x flexibler als herkömmlicher Montageschaum. Selbst hohe Bauteilbewegungen werden dauerhaft und nachhaltig durch Soudal Flexifoam Pistolenschaum absorbiert, wodurch Schaumabrisse und damit reduzierte Wärmedämmung und Schalldämmung sowie Wassereintritt in die Fuge vermieden werden. Hervorragende Formstabilität, d.h. geringer Volumenschwund und nur geringe (

Flexi Schaum

Product information:

Flexi-Foam Gun Foam is a Soudal of the Ca. 3 x flexible than conventional assembly foam. Even high component movements are absorbed permanent and sustainable, making foam sheets and therefore thermal insulation and sound insulation and reduced to prevent water ingress into the joint. Excellent dimensional stability, i.e. low
Shrinkage and only small (

  • Wide range of adhesiveness
  • FCKW-/HFCKW-frei (Montreal Convention) 
  • The propellant is completely harmless to the ozone layer. 
  • Filling 
  • Highly flexible 
  • Solvent 
  • Sound-and heat-insulating 
  • Rapid curing 
  • Self-expanding 
  • Überputz-and spreadable


  • Dams and isolating in the refrigerator and cold room and heating 
  • Installation and foaming of window andTürahmen and window sills


Tin Screw on to the gun down and shake the box with threaded Pistoleunten approximately 30 x strong, so that the cans contents are well mixed and the adhesive quality is optimized. With the adjusting screw to set the gun to glue together.

Processing temperature: +5 º C to +35 º C (holding surface temperature)
+15 ° C to +25 ° C (single temperature) If necessary, the can in a cool or warm water, bring slowly to the optimum temperature.
Cleaning: with guns and foam cleaner before curing, and then only be removed mechanically.


12 months from production date in unopened packaging in a cool (+5 ° C to +25 º C) and dry storage. The cans must be stored upright to prevent the adhesion of the spray valves. Opened container should be sealed well and consume in the short term.

Delivery form:

750ml Aerosolsprühdose



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