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Elastische Dichtmanschette mit integrierter Dehnzone für dauerhaft wasserdichte Abdichtung im Bereich Rohrdurchführungen unter Fliesen, Platten und keramischen Belägen. Einfache Montage der Manschette, da diese über Baustopfen gezogen werden kann. Rohrabmessungen 22-42 mm

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Product information:

  • Elastic collar
  • Special rubber cuff with extensibility


Elastic collar with built-in extensibility for permanent, watertight seal in the pipe openings under tiles and ceramic coverings. Simple assembly of the cuff, as it can be pulled over Baustopfen. Tube dimensions 22-42 mm

Application Notes:

The preparation of the substrate is carried out with primer and unique OTTOFLEX Order of OTTOFLEX Liquid. The respective cuff is placed over the pipe duct, inserted into the floor and pressed OTTOFLEX Liquid. In the second coating, the entire cuff is mitbeschichtet. Because of the large number of possible influences during processing and the application is from the user can always make a sample processing and application.

Standards and tests:

Corresponds to the moisture load classes for ZDB and abP.

Delivery form:

Cuff 15 x 15 cm

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