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Adhesive tape for sealing windows RAL installation of windows and doors in the interior. The self-adhesive strips on the window sealing tape adheres to the usual frame materials of wood windows, vinyl windows and metal windows.

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  • Fleeced window sealing strip with good flexibility
  • High water vapor permeability
  • Plastered over and painted over

Standards and tests:

  • Complies with RAL-mounting and is water vapor-resistant to DIN EN ISO 12572 certificate of the Material Testing Institute North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW MPA)


  • Connecting structure according to RAL-installation guidelines
  • For sealing joints and windows Türanschussfugen outdoors
  • To compensate for unevenness in the soffit by fastening with highly pasty dispersion adhesive OTTOCOLL A 770


Surfaces must be clean, grease-free, dry and stable for the window sealing tape.
Surfaces must be cleaned for the window sealing tape and any impurities, such as release agents, preservatives, grease, oil, dust, water, old adhesive / sealants and other substances which could affect the liability away. Cleaning non-porous surfaces: Clean with Cleaner OTTO T (waiting time about 1 minute) and a clean, lint-free cloth. Cleaning of porous surfaces: surfaces mechanically, eg with a steel brush or a grinding wheel clean of loose particles.


The self-adhesive strips on the window sealing tape adheres to the usual frame materials of wood, plastic and metal. When gluing the window sealing strips with the highly pasty OTTOCOLL A 770 bumps can be settled in the soffit. Absorbent surfaces before bonding with OTTOCOLL A slightly moisten 770. For treatment of highly absorbent substrates, OTTO Primer 1105 or a homogeneous mixture of 1 part OTTOCOLL A 770 and 2 parts of water are used.

The window sealing tape is cut before the onset of the frame on all four sides of 5-10 cm-long and stuck with the self adhesive strip on the front side of the frame. Now the frame can be used in the soffit, which are handled at the corners protruding window sealing strips in one direction. Thereafter, the frame aligned and the gap will be filled with OCF. An overdose of the foam should be avoided, otherwise the window sealing strips are pushed away by the foaming.
Then, the window sealing strips are glued loose in the form of a loop with OTTOCOLL A 770 to the reveal. The folded-in corners band ends are pressed firmly into OTTOCOLL A 770, so that the strip ends completely embedded.
Caution: An early water resistance with OTTOCOLL A 770 is not given For this purpose we recommend Ottoseal M360 hybrid sealant, which is especially suitable for the early rain resistant bonding of window sealing tapes.
In a joint of about 10 - 25 mm is the 70 mm window sealing tape used, the 100 mm window sealing tape for joints of about 10 - 45 mm.
During processing and during the curing of the adhesive, the ambient and component temperatures less than +5 ° C.
Because of the large number of possible influences during processing and use by the processor is always pre-trial processing and application.


Character: 70 mm x 40 m (5 rolls per box)
Reel: 100 mm width x 40 m (3 rolls per box)

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