Soudal Pistolenschaum Xtra 750 hat durch die spezielle Rezeptur die Schaumausbeute der 500ml Dose entsprechend der einer Dose mit 750ml PU Schaum. Das macht den Soudal Pistolenschaum Xtra 750 zu einem handlichem Bauschaum der sich gut verarbeiten lässt.

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Product info:

PROFESSIONAL X-TRA750 FOAM GUN is a Single, self-Ready and polyurethane foam for sealing and assembling of window and door frames, for filling in cavities, such as breakthroughs in Wall, Dachau and Rohrdurchführungen buildings as well as dams / Isolate in the refrigerator and Kühlwagenbau. Through a special recipe is the foam of 500ml yield according to a tin box with 750ml normal foam. PROFESSIONAL FOAM GUN X-TRA750 is using a special Dosierpistole ausgesprüht. This is a very high form stability with excellent yields and foam structure achieved. He has already cut about 40 minutes. Compared to conventional foam gun is somewhat elastic foam and has a faster toughness. The gas is harmless to the ozone layer.

     * Wide range of detention
     * Chemical resistant
     * Elastic
     * FCKW-/HFCKW-frei
     * Filling
     * Thermal insulation and sound -
     * Fast
     * Self
     * Überputz-and spreadable


     * Dams and isolating in the refrigerator and cold room
     * Attach and fill-in appliances and mechanical and electrical
     * Assembly and Ausschäumen of windows and window sills and Türahmen
     * Soundproofing
     * Ausschäumen of cavities, such as Wall breakthroughs,
     * Dachau buildings, Türzargen,
     * Rohrdurchführungen, shutters boxes, etc.


Adapter tubes attached to the valve and unscrew the bottom valve can with approximately 30 x shake vigorously so that the contents are well mixed cans and foam quality is optimized. Joints or voids only about 1 / 3 ausschäumen because the foam still rising. About person, fully hardened foam off with a knife.
Processing temperature: 5 ° C to 30 ° C (maximum: 15-25 ° C)
Cleaning: with pistols and foam cleansers before curing, then only mechanically removable.


12 months from the date of production in unopened packaging in cooler (5 degrees C and 25 º C) and dry storage. The foam boxes must be stored below the bonding of Sprühventiles ruled out. Dawn cans well sealed and consume the short term.


500ml Aerosolsprühdose (12 cans per case)


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>> Technical Data > Safety Data Sheet > Certificate - B2 > Certificate - air permeability > Certificate - Soundproofing joints

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