Ottoseal S34 Das Bodenfugensilikon zeichnet sich durch eine sehr gute Chemikalienbeständigkeit aus. Es ist hitzebeständig bis 265 Grad und extrem dehnfähig und hält somit hohen Belastungen stand. Ottoseal S34 perfekt zum abdichten von mechanisch hoch beanspruchten Bodenfugen.

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Ottseal S34

Product Info:

Ottoseal S34 The floor joints silicone is characterized by a very good chemical resistance. It is heat resistant to 265 degrees and extremely elastic and, therefore, maintains stand high loads.

  • Neutral curing RTV-1 silicone sealant
  • Very high tear resistance and tear strength 
  • Very good chemical resistance 
  • High temperature resistance up to +265 ° C 
  • Resistant to the mechanical cleaning with high pressure water 
  • Suitable for busy areas, e.g. Forklift truck traffic (taking account of the IVD Leaflet No. 1) 
  • Non-corrosive 
  • UV-Resistant 
  • Very good weathering and aging resistance


  • Sealing of mechanically highly stressed ground and connecting joints, eg in storage and production halls, courtyards, parking decks, garages, workshops, car washes, etc.
  • Sealing of chemically highly contaminated soil and joints, eg in dairies, abattoirs, beverages and food factories, catering kitchens etc.


Application temperature: +5 º C to +35 º C.
Mounting method ejaculate: With Hand Press pistol, air gun or gun battery.
Cleaning: with white spirit before curing, then with silicone or removed mechanically.
Smoothing and leveling agents with Abziehspachtel before skinning.


During the curing of OTTOSEAL S34 gradually small amounts of a Oximverbindung be free. In the final state OTTOSEAL S34 is completely odorless and indifferent. In strong driving (eg, forklifts), it is recommended to cover the flexible joints with a Protection Profile (T-profile) or a protective plate. In heavily loaded floor joints over 15 mm in width, we always recommend the use of protective plates. To protect the joint edges in concrete and screed to edge protection profiles or producing joint edges are beveled.
Important information about the sealing of floor joints and design sketches are included in IVD.Merkblatt No. 1. Maintain work with high pressure hoses at least 50 cm distance between the spray nozzle and the sealant. From mechanical stress must OTTOSEAL S34 depending on joint depth, min cure 24-48 hours. During this time, to ensure appropriate protection. For sealing of marble and other natural stone (eg granite), we recommend OTTOSEAL S70. The curing time is extended with increasing thickness of the silicone. One-component silicones are not suitable for planar bonding, unless the specific design requirements for this are given. If the silicon in layer thicknesses of more than 15 mm are used, please contact prior to the
Application of petrol chemistry. Please contact the
Application of petrol chemistry, if the joints strong chemical or
physical load is suspended.

Chemical resistance:

- Acetone short-term resistance (72 hours)
- Ammonia (25%) stable;
- Petrol unstable
- Drilling fluid Mobilmet 151 pure short-term resistance (72 hours)
- Drilling fluid Mobilmet 151: water
  1:3 resistant
  1:5 resistant
- Brake Fluid DOT 4 short-term resistance (72 hours)
- Diesel oil volatile
- Dioctylphtalate DOP resistant
- Acetic acid (10%) stable;
- Acetic acid (25%) stable;
- Ethanol resistant
- Ethylene glycol resistant
- Formalin-solution (10%) stable;
- Sep.-EP SAE 80W oil short-term resistance (72 hours)
- ARAL volatile degreaser
- Antifreeze Antifreeze ARAL pure resistant
- ARAL Antifreeze Antifreeze: Water
  1:2 (-20 ° C) stable
  1:1.5 (-27 ° C) stable
  1:1 (-40 ° C) stable
- Sea water resistant
- Methanol resistant
- Lactic acid (10%) stable;
- ARAL motor oil SAE 15W-40 short-term resistance (72 hours)
- Sodium chloride solution (saturated resistant)
- Caustic soda (10%) stable
- Caustic soda (20%) stable
- Caustic soda (50%) stable
- Nitro dilution unstable
- Hydrochloric acid (10%) short-term resistance (72 hours)
- Citric acid (50%) stable;
These values are not to be used in preparing specifications. Please contact before writing specifications on OTTO-CHEMIE.


12 months from date of manufacture in unopened packaging in a cool (+5 ° C and +25 º C) and dry storage. Opened container tightly closed and short-term use.


310 ml PE-cartridge (20 KTU. Per carton)
400 ml tube bag (20 bags per carton)


dusty gray, anthracite, sanitärgrau

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