Otto Primer 1102 der Naturstein primer und Sandstein primer. Verbessert die Haftung von Naturstein Silikonen.

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Cleanprimer 1102

Product information:

Otto Primer 1102 of the stone and sandstone primer primer. Improves the adhesion of natural stone silicone.

  • One-component silicone resin solution


  • On stone sealants specially tuned Primer


Improves the adhesion of silicones to natural stone sandstone.


Preparation of adhesive surfaces
Cleaning: Surfaces must be clean, dry and sustainable. Impurities such as release agents, preservatives, grease, oil, dust, old sealants and adhesives, and other substances that affect the liability must be removed. Order: By following procedure is achieved by using an optimal result: Otto Primer 1102, with an appropriate brush to the joint edges. Avoid wetting of the sandstone surface in addition to the joint edges to prevent stain formation. When using Otto Primer 1102, a drying time is required by at least 15 minutes - the time period until further processing can be up to 3 hours, when dust is avoided.


12 months from production date in unopened packaging in a cool (+5 ° C to +25 º C) and dry storage. Opened container should be sealed well and consume in the short term.

Delivery form:

100 ml aluminum bottle (15 fl. Per box)

250 ml aluminum bottle (15 fl. Per box)

1000 ml aluminum bottle (5 Fl. Per box)



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