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Densolastic SU 85 rail underbody mass

Product Info Reinau:

Reinau Schienenfugenvergussmasse for rail joints in stone paving in the indoor and outdoor area, and between asphalt and rail as well as between concrete and rails.

    Tested in accordance with the ZTV Fug-StB and the TL Fug-StB.
    Prevents the penetration of water and salts into the rail joint.
    Polymer modified bitumen composition.

Application areas:

REINAU rail joint grout is used for rail joints in stone paving, both indoors and outdoors, as well as between asphalt and rail as well as between concrete and rails.


All work must be carried out in accordance with ZTV Fug-StB.
The joint gap width must not exceed 60 mm and the joint gap depth 55 mm. The grouting work should be stopped in case of rain and stagnant water. Before grouting, the joint must be cleaned with a steel brush or similar device (dust-free). Adhesive remnants of old potting compound must be completely removed during renovation work. The grout edges should be primed with REINAU® plastic primer before casting in order to achieve optimal adhesion.
The primer must be completely ventilated before grouting. The drying time depends on the climatic conditions and is about 30 minutes and several times this time. Melting of the potting compound must take place in a double-walled melting vessel with stirrer, cover and indirect heating and temperature display. Here, the heating process must be slow, with the first filling should be about 1/3 of the total volume. Thereafter, further material can be added to the liquid mass.
The melting temperature of +190 ° C (+ 374 ° F) must be maintained while stirring continuously. It must be ensured that +200 ° C (+392 ° F) is not exceeded in any case, as otherwise segregation or decomposition of the potting compound may occur. The material can become unusable as a result. REINAU® rail joint grout may be melted a maximum of twice. If the processing of the mass on the same day is not possible, the boiler must be emptied.


Store containers standing upright and protect from direct sunlight. Under these conditions, the REINAU® rail joint grout is almost completely durable.


Disposable sheet metal containers 36 kg (16 pieces pallet)



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