Filling and ZIEHSPACHTEL NO. 4

Akemi Füllspachtel und Ziehspachtel Nr. 4 ist ein Zweikomponenten-Spachtel auf Basis in Styrol gelöster, ungesättigter Polyesterharze. Akemi Füllspachtel und Ziehspachtel Nr. 4 hat ein hohes Füll- und Standvermögen.

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Filling and ZIEHSPACHTEL NO. 4

Product info:

Akemi filling and Ziehspachtel No. 4 is a two-scraper on the basis dissolved in styrene, unsaturated polyester resins.

  • Good Ductility by creamy consistency
  • High filling and state property; there are large layer thicknesses up to 5 mm, or small layer thicknesses up to 10 mm in one operation possible 
  • Rapid hardening (10-15 minutes) 
  • Slight tear and high abrasion


  • To repair rough bumps and deep dents in one operation


1. The ground must be dry and free from dust, grease and angerauht be easy. Altlackierung not cured or thermoplastic acrylic paint must be removed.

2. To a quantity of 100g of resin are 1-4g hardener paste red admitted (1g or approximately 4-5 cm hardener strand from the Schraubtube).

3. Both Kompnenten until blend until a homogeneous color is reached. The mixture remains 2-6 minutes for processing.

4. After 15-30 minutes can be cured spatula bearbetet (sanding, drilling, milling).

5. Heat accelerates, cold hardening delayed.

6. The filler surface can be edited with any commercially available fillers and coatings to be revised.

7. Devices can work with nitro-dilution cleaned.


12 months from the date of production in unopened packaging in cooler (5 degrees C to 25 º C) and dry storage. Dawn cans well sealed and consume the short term.


Dose including Häter (12 doses. Per carton)



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