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Ottopur Turbo

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Ottopur Turbo the 2K frame foam for the assembly and insulation of door frames and window frames made of wood, steel or plastic in masonry.

Manufacturer:OTTO Chemie
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Ottopur Turbo

Product info Ottopur Turbo 2K frame foam:

Ottopur Turbo the 2K frame foam for the assembly and insulation of door frames and window frames made of wood, steel or plastic in masonry.

  • 2-component mounting foam based on polyurethane
  • LPG free
  • Extremely fast curing
  • Resilient within a few minutes
  • Cuttable at 20 ° C after approx. 5 minutes
  • Lather yield approx. 5.5 liters per 250 g / 210 ml double cartridge
  • Corresponds to building material class B2

Standards and tests:

  • General building inspectorate test certificate - normal inflammable building material (B2) according to DIN 4102-1
  • French VOC emission class A +

Application areas:

  • Assembly and insulation of door frames and window frames made of wood, steel or plastic in masonry
  • Suitable for mounting wooden steps

Special instructions:

With the manual gun 2K H248 we offer a special processing device for this foam Fresh product residues can be removed with acetone or OTTOPUR Cleaner.


During assembly, the instructions of the frame manufacturer and the requirements of the state of the art must be taken into account.
1. Wedge the door frame and brace it. The surfaces must be clean, dry, free of dust and grease. Prime highly absorbent and porous (e.g., gypsum and aerated concrete walls) substrates with OTTO Primer 1105.
2. Apply cardboard strips enclosed in the wall gap in the area of the foam dots so that the mixed liquid components do not flow down until they foam (after a few seconds).
3. Floor coverings and adjacent components, if necessary by covering or masking against polluters.
4. Cut off the tip of the cartridge with a knife and attach the mixing nozzle.
5. Using the special manual gun 2K H248, evenly extrude the components, avoid jarring so that the components in the mixing tube are homogeneously mixed.
6. The properly mixed foam should have a light yellow color.
7. Apply the foam through the mixing nozzle in the wall gap, then place the cartridge with the pistol on cardboard or paper as long as foam remains from the static mixer.
8. Immediately remove fresh foam stains with Ottopur Cleaner. Hardened foam can only be removed mechanically.
9. It is recommended to cut foam residues after reaching the assembly strength (despreadable) after approx. 15 - 18 minutes (at + 20 ° C).
10. Lower temperatures extend the cure rate.
11. If the foaming is interrupted, the mixing tube must be removed and later replaced with a new mixing tube.
12. Wooden frames for door leaf weights up to 40 kg must be attached to at least 6 points, each 20 cm in length. Steel frames and all frames with a door leaf weight of more than 40 kg must be completely foamed. The joint gap should not exceed 20 mm. Due to the large number of possible influences during processing and application, the processor must always carry out a sample processing and application.


9 months from date of production in unopened packaging in a cool (+ 5ºC and + 25ºC) and dry storage. The foam cans must be stored upright to exclude the sticking of the spray valve. Close open containers well and consume at short notice.


2 x 125 g / 2 x 105 ml double cartridge (16 double cartridges per box)


light yellow

Montagekleber 50AMontagekleber 50A
2,93EUR / Stück
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baseprice: 0,95EUR / 100 ml

Montagekleber 50A

Manufacturer: Soudal
Item number: mo50a
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ASSEMBLY 50 A GLUE is a anwendungsfertiger, Single, solvent-free and be strong mounting adhesives beginning with high liability. Especially for porous surfaces suitable.

Ottoflex DichtbandOttoflex Dichtband
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs
baseprice: 1,49EUR / pro m

Ottoflex Dichtband

Manufacturer: OTTO Chemie
Item number: ofd
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Ottoflex Dichtband ist ein extrem elastisches vlieskaschiertes Spezialdichtband zur Überbrückung von Rissen und Fugen, abdichten von Rohrdurchbrüchen und Rohrabläufen.

Otto TiefgrundOtto Tiefgrund
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

Otto Tiefgrund

Manufacturer: OTTO Chemie
Item number: otg
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Ottoflex Voranstrich ist eine Vorbehandlung auf saugenden und stark saugenden Untergründen, wie z.B. Gipskartonplatten, Gipsbauteilen, Putz, Beton, Porenbeton, Mauerwerk, Stein, Estrich, Holzspan- und HolzfaserplattenKunstharzdispersion auf Butadien-Styrol-Basis.

2K Quick fixed foam2K Quick fixed foam
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baseprice: 2,78EUR / 100 ml

2K Quick fixed foam

Manufacturer: Soudal
Item number: mosch210k
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Soudal FAST FEST 2K PU is a two component polyurethane foam Quick (2K PU) without propellant for the installation of door frames, windows and wooden door frames with excellent dimensional stability, ie no shrinkage or Nachdehnung once the cure is complete. A Untergrundbefeuchtung is not necessary. The foam hardens independently of humidity extremely fast from pressure and stress-free and can be cut after 5 minutes. Sufficient for 1 to 2 door frames (about 5.5 liters).

Riss- und FugendichtRiss- und Fugendicht
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs
baseprice: 1,07EUR / 100 ml

Riss- und Fugendicht

Manufacturer: Soudal
Item number: rifudi
Delivery beginn within 24hrs Delivery beginn within 24hrs **

Soudal RISS- UND FUGENDICHT ist eine körnige Spachtelmasse auf Acrylatdispersions Basis.Soudal Riss- und Fugendicht ist bestens geeignet zum verschließen von Mauerwerks- und Putzrissen.

Cartridge capCartridge cap
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

Cartridge cap

Manufacturer: OTTO Chemie
Item number: V-Kappe
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Diese Verschlusskappe verhindert das eindringen von Luft in die Kartusche und verhindert somit die frühzeitige Aushärtung des Materials.

Ottoseal S100 Premium SanitärOttoseal S100 Premium Sanitär
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs
baseprice: 1,89EUR / 100 ml

Ottoseal S100 Premium Sanitär

Manufacturer: OTTO Chemie
Item number: S100
Delivery beginn within 24hrs Delivery beginn within 24hrs **

Ottoseal S100 is an absolute premium quality of the top class! Through a combination of high quality raw materials and an Award-winning technical system that is virtually unsurpassed in material processing, durability and abrasion resistance. With 74 different colors, it covers almost all common Fugenvarben from.

Ottocoll TopFix (310ml Kartusche)Ottocoll TopFix (310ml Kartusche)
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs
baseprice: 0,01EUR / per pcs.

Ottocoll TopFix (310ml Kartusche)

Manufacturer: OTTO Chemie
Item number: a265
Delivery beginn within 24hrs Delivery beginn within 24hrs **

Ottocoll A 265 TopFix Acryl Montage kleber mit sehr hoher Anfangshaftung und Endfestigkeit.Ottocoll A 265 TopFix ist ein superschneller Montageklebstoff für Aluminium, Edelstahl, eloxiertes Aluminium,Paneelen, Zierleisten, Zierprofilen,Stein, Naturstein,Keramik,Dämmplatten, Styropor,PVC.Ottocoll A 265 TopFix geruchsloser Montagekleber ohne Lösemittel.

incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs
baseprice: 3,50EUR / 100 ml


Manufacturer: Soudal
Item number: smxpi
Delivery beginn within 3-5 days Delivery beginn within 3-5 days **

Soudal SMX MONTAGESCHAUM ist ein isocyanatfreier Hartschaum auf Basis der innovativen SMX Technologie zum Abdichten und Montieren von Fenster- und Türrahmen, zum Ausfüllen von Hohlräumen.

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