PARKETTDICHTSTOFF ist eine hochwertige Dichtmasse für Holzparkett und Laminatfußböden. Die Dichtmasse ist nach dem Aushärten wasserfest und verhindert das eindringen von Wasser in den Untergrund. Parkettdichtstoff ist überlackierbar und schleifbar nach der Aushärtung.

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PARKETTDICHTSTOFF is a high quality sealant for wood parquet and laminate flooring. The sealant is waterproof after curing and preventing the penetration of water into the ground. Parkettdichtstoff be painted and sanded after curing.

  • Wide range of detention
  • Color fast 
  • Odorless 
  • Solvent 
  • Plasto-elastic 
  • Sandable 
  • Recoatable 
  • UV and weather resistant


  • Connection and expansion joints between walls and solid wood, parquet, laminate and cork flooring
  • Joints between floor and skirting


Application temperature: +5 º C to +35 º C.
Mounting method ejaculate: With Hand Press pistol, air gun or gun battery.
Cleaning: with white spirit before curing, then with silicone or removed mechanically.
Smoothing and leveling agents with Abziehspachtel before skinning.


All the usual solid wood parquet and Laminatfubböden and all porous
Building materials. PARKETTDICHTSTOFF is not suitable for natural stone, bitumen, glass, metals and korosionsgefährdete Unterwasserverfugungen. Surfaces must be sound, clean, dry, dust-and grease.
Precoat pretreatment: strong porous surfaces with a mixture of third PARKETTDICHTSTOFF and 2 / 3 water and then at least 60
Let dry for minutes. It is advisable on any surface first one
Making adhesion and compatibility testing.


12 months from date of manufacture in unopened packaging in a cool (+5 ° C to +25 º C) and dry storage. Opened container tightly closed and short-term use.


310ml cartridge (12 KTU. Per carton)


oak, light oak, medium oak, beech, pear, maple, cherry

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