Otto Primer 1217 Kunststoff Primer verbessert die Haftung von Silikon Dichtstoffen auf Kunststoff (Kunststoff silikon) (z.B. PVC, Acrylglas, Polyester, ABS u.ä.)

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Primer 1217

Product Info:

  • Silicone plastic primer


  • One-component silicone resin and polyacrylate solution


  • On sealants specially modified primers


Improve the adhesion of silicone sealants, silicone on plastic (plastic) (eg, PVC, acrylic, polyester, ABS, etc.)


Application: By following procedure is achieved by using an optimal result:

  • OTTO Primer 1217 with a clean cloth / felt or suitable brush thinly and evenly. - Excess primer is a film that affects the liability.
  • When using OTTO Primer 1217 may be the time to finishing up to 3 hours when dust is avoided. Maintain textured or porous surfaces, a waiting time of at least 15 minutes. 
  • The improper use of OTTO Primer 1217 can lead to stress cracks on vorgespantem Plexiglas and polycarbonate. Because of the large number of possible influences during processing and the application is the user always make a sample processing and application. The concrete Aufbrauchsdatum is printed on the packaging printing and observed.


12 months from date of manufacture in unopened packaging in a cool (+5 ° C and +25 º C) and dry storage. Opened container tightly closed and short-term use.


100 ml aluminum bottle (15 fl. Per carton)

250 ml aluminum bottle (15 fl. Per carton)

1000 ml aluminum bottle (5 Fl. Per carton)



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