Ottoflex Dichtungsschlämme

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OTTO Chemie
OTTO Chemie

Ottoflex Dichtungsschlämme ist eine Einkomponentige flexible Verbundabdichtung die Rissüberbrückend ist und auch Rissfrei aushärtet. Ottoflex Dichtungsschlämme ist Wasserdicht,dampfdiffusionsoffen,Frost- und alterungsbeständig im ausgehärteten Zustand.

Delivery beginn within 1 - 3 daysDelivery beginn within 1 - 3 days **

Ottoflex Dichtungsschlämme

Product information:

  • One-component, flexible waterproofing 
  • Crack bridging 
  • Very easy to work 
  • Crack-free curing 
  • Waterproof and vapor diffusion in the cured state 
  • For indoor and outdoor

 Standards and tests:

  • General Test Certificate "seal in conjunction with tiles and sheet flooring (MPA Clausthal)


  • Flexible waterproofing under ceramic coverings on balconies and terraces with a slope> 1%
  • Flexible waterproofing under ceramic coverings in damp and wet rooms
  •  When waterproofing of exterior walls and basement retaining walls
  •  To seal swimming pools and water tanks made of solid construction with a water depth of up to 15 m
  •  Suitable for substrates with sufficient strength, such as flooring, heated screed, concrete, masonry, aerated concrete and plaster of mortar group II and III
  •  Only use for sealing the positive side her

 Preparation of the surface:

The substrate must be solid, stable, absorbent and largely be flat. Pollution from oil, grease or other release agents must be removed. Gravel pockets or voids, and bumps that are larger than permitted according to DIN 18202, are offset with a suitable concrete trowel. Substrate before applying the Grout vornässen well. The surface should be dull damp. The residual moisture should not exceed the following:

Cement screed: 2.0%
Anhydrite: 0.5%
Anhydrite heating: 0.3%


To avoid formation of lumps during mixing, it should be about
2 / 3 to provide the desired Konsitenz required amount of water and to mix with a suitable Korbrührer machine and a basket with about 600 rpm.After the unlocking of the material, the remaining water is added. After a mixing time of about 3 minutes just to mature and mix again. The mixed material processed within one hour. Already angesteiftes material may not be by water
be made workable again. Slurry with a solid brush, smoothing trowel or a suitable spraying device in 2 to 3 operations Apply enough and evenly. The application thickness should not exceed 5 mm. When installing tiles in the mortar method the following procedure is followed: After the application of slurry is applied to the second position in the fresh material, a Spritzbewurf. After hardening of the Spritzbewurfes tiles can then be laid in the mortar method.

Delivery form:

20kg sack

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