Dosierpistole IPF

OTTO Chemie
OTTO Chemie
OTTO Chemie

Dosierpistole IPF ist eine stabile und haltbare Schaumpistole aus Kunststoff. Die Dosierpistole IPF ist absolute Profi Qualität unter den Bauschaumpistolen. Ideal für die ständige Verarbeitung von Bauschaum geeignet.

79,95EUR / Stück
baseprice: 79,95EUR / per pcs.
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Dosierpistole IPF

Product Info:

Dispensing IPF is a stable and durable foam gun made of plastic. The IPF is an absolute professional quality dispensing gun under the Bauschaumpistolen. Ideal for the continuous processing of construction foam suitable.


for clean and controlled filling joints and cavities with foam gun.


Doses can break at work without interruptions curing remain screwed onto the gun.


can be cleaned with a gun & light foam cleaner.


1 Foam Gun

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