Ottoseal S17

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Ottoseal S17 Hochtemperatur Silikon mit einer außergewöhnlich hohen Temperaturbeständigkeit bis 285 Grad. Ottoseal S17 Hochtemperatur Silikon Härtet schnell aus und bleibt sehr kerbfest (abriebfest).

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Ottoseal S17

Product Info:

Ottoseal S17 High temperature silicone with an exceptionally high temperature resistance to 285 Grad.Ottoseal S17 High temperature silicone cures quickly and will remain very high impact strength (abrasion).

  • Neutral curing RTV-1 silicone sealant


  • Unusually high continuous temperature resistance up to +285 ° C high temperature silicone


  • Very fast curing


  • Non-corrosive


  • OTTOSEAL S17 is not a fire silicone. As such, we recommend Ottoseal S94


  • Approved to UL Flame Classification HB, File No.: E176319


High temperature resistant, yet tension-equalizing sealing and bonding, eg Gussglieder in boilers, flue boxes, stoves, etc.
Also suitable in the automotive sector for applications in engines and transmissions


OTTOSEAL S17 is not a fire silicone. As such, we recommend OTTOSEAL S94. The curing time is extended with increasing thickness of the silicone. One-component silicone adhesive bonds are not suitable for flat, unless the specific design requirements for this are given. If the silicon in layer thicknesses of more than 15 mm are used, please contact prior to the application of petrol chemistry.

Because of the large number of possible influences during processing and the application is the user always make a sample processing and application of the concrete Aufbrauchsdatum is printed on the packaging printing and observed. OTTOSEAL S17 must be fully cured before the sealant is exposed to temperatures above +50 ° C.
During application and curing of OTTOSEAL S17 is a good

Application temperature: +5 º C to +35 º C.
Mounting method ejaculate: With Hand Press pistol, air gun or gun battery.
Cleaning: with white spirit before curing, then with silicone or removed mechanically.
Smoothing and leveling agents with Abziehspachtel before skinning.


Cool and dry at least 24 months shelf life.


310 ml cartridge (20 KTU. Per carton)


reddish brown

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