Otto Cleaner T der allzweck reiniger für viele Einsatzgebiete, wie Glas,Metall, und einige Kunststoffe mit Entfettungswirkung. Otto Cleaner T  allzweck reiniger wurden für OTTO CHEMIE Dichtstoffe / Klebstoffe entwickelt, um in Kombination mit diesen eine optimale Haftung zu gewährleisten.

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Cleaner T

Product information:

T Cleaner the standard cleaner for many applications, such as glass, metal and some plastics with degreasing. OTTO OTTO CHEMIE Cleaner was developed for sealants / adhesives to ensure, in combination with such an optimal adhesion.

  • Solvent mixture
  • Toluene 
  • Very good cleaning and degreasing 
  • No need airing 
  • Dries quickly and leaves no residue 
  • Free of halogenated hydrocarbons


Cleaning of glass, metals and some plastics, such as PVC and polyester.


Any existing old sealants / adhesives before cleaning, mechanical or completely remove with OTTOSEAL EX. Surfaces prepared so that sustainability is given, for example, exempt from corroded metal oxide coatings such as rust.

By following approach an optimal result is achieved:

  • Treat with Cleaner T using a clean cloth or the like, the flap surfaces with sufficient pressure to ensure a good cleaning effect is achieved.
  • Repeat if heavily soiled and oily surfaces and polish process followed immediately with a clean dry cloth rag.


12 months from production date in unopened packaging in a cool (+5 ° C to +25 º C) and dry storage. Opened container should be sealed well and consume in the short term.

Delivery form:

100 ml aluminum bottle (15 fl. Per box)

250 ml aluminum bottle (15 fl. Per box)

1000 ml aluminum bottle (15 fl. Per box)

5 liter Canister

10 liter canister


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