Smoothing spatula

Smoothing spatula

Joint Smoothing - It can be so easy!Fugenglätter für Silikonfugen

Joints provide for tiling for clean and hygienic connections and where grout reaches its limits, silicone is used. This is the only way to prevent moisture from penetrating underground, especially in sanitary rooms. Too big is the danger of mold growth. It is important, however, that the silicone is applied completely, in order to provide sufficient protection. This is where the joint smoother comes in, helping you to make tight, clean joints.

The joint straightener, also known as silicone straightener, silicone puller, Fugenfux or Fugenboy, is specially designed to make it as easy as possible to apply silicone joints on tapered tile walls and for wall sealing of washbasins, sinks or bathtubs. In contrast, the frequent use of finger-pulling can cause the joint gap not to be evenly filled, which in turn leads to the formation of air pockets where bacteria and mold spores like to settle.

Our clear recommendation therefore lies in the use of a joint glazier to achieve a lasting hygienic and visually perfect result when applying silicone joints.

The joint smoother in use

Joint straighteners are available in different versions and the purchase price is really manageable. The models are usually made of plastic and are precisely processed. One side of the joint smoother has bevelled edges and in use, you must make sure that the slope is always facing you. For grouting in areas that are difficult to access, such as under radiators, you get special flattened joint pullers. It is also advisable to use a joint straightener set, as you will then have several widths and shape profiles directly available.