Vapor Barrier

Vapor Barrier

Especially when renovating the roof area, it is important to ensure a high-quality vapor barrier. This not only ensures a better indoor climate inside the building, but also serves as protection for the insulation materials used. A professional attachment of suitable vapor barrier film is mandatory. But this film must not only be applied, but also securely connected together, so that the desired effects can come to fruition. Suitable adhesive tapes for vapor barrier film and vapor barrier film are therefore also among the most important accessories when installing a vapor barrier.

Adhesive for the vapor barrier

High-quality adhesive tape for the vapor barrier can be used with almost any vapor barrier film and used, but they offer due to their high flexibility and tightness, the ideal way two air and vapor-tight to connect together. Dealing with this vapor barrier tape when attaching a vapor barrier is very easy. The vapor barrier film or the vapor barrier film only have to be put on or laid on one another and, as soon as the film has been freed of dust, can be permanently connected to one another with the appropriate adhesive tape for the vapor barrier film. The adhesive tapes are made of a variety of materials, but in principle provide a sufficiently high airtightness and flexibility to be able to intercept light changes in the building without problems.

Do it yourself made easy. Install the vapor barrier correctly.

Since no special tools or other materials except for the vapor barrier film or the vapor barrier film and the appropriate adhesive tape or film adhesive are needed for attaching a vapor barrier, this work can be done without any problems by do-it-yourselfers. If you pay close attention to the exact attachment of the adhesive joints, nothing stands in the way of a successful roof renovation.