Seal the balcony

Seal the balcony

Seal the balcony - step by stepBalkon abdichten mit Sikaloor

If you have any questions about how to seal your balcony, cracks may have already formed in the concrete, foxing may have appeared or the tiles will come off. If this is the case, you have asked the right question and in this article you will learn how to proceed to eliminate the damage and thereby protect adjacent components as well.

You can caulk to the balcony u.a. a liquid seal coat, z. B. Sikafloor balcony waterproofing. You even get this mixed ready to get started right away.

Seal the balcony - let's go

Step 1: First you have to remove the old flooring to expose the concrete.
Step 2:
Now check the underground. This must not be sandy, dusty, oily or soapy. You also need to check the strength. Scrape it over the surface with a screwdriver. If damage is easily achieved, you must work the surface with a base. If the floor is also very absorbent, you can not avoid grinding. It is also very important that your balcony has a gradient of 1 to 2%, otherwise rainwater can not drain.
Step 3:
Disassemble all attachments on the balcony. These include, for example, the gutter and the railing. But beware! Now there is an increased risk of falling! Protect yourself accordingly from a crash.
Step 4:
Mix in the seal coat now. Be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions. Of course, if you have decided on a ready mixed coat, you do not need to pay attention to any details.
Step 5:
Now you can apply the seal coat with a standard paint roller. For the corners, you can use a paintbrush to help. Pay attention to an even distribution. As a rule, you are not ready after a painting. You must plan 2-3 coats with an intermediate drying time of at least 4 hours. Between the first and second coat, apply sealing tape to the corner and edge areas before starting again. That creates additional security. At the wall connection point, apply the paint approx. 15 cm higher and lay the sealing tape in the still fresh sealant.
Step 6:
After adhering to the drying time, you can now mount all attachments again. Pay attention to your safety again. In addition, it now makes sense to additionally seal the drill holes with appropriate seals for even more protection against moisture.

Balcony coating consumption and construction:







1 x Sikafloor 405

1 x Sikafloor 405

Farbchips / Einstreuchips

1 x Sikafloor 416


ca. 0,65 kg/m²

ca. 0,4 kg/m²

ca. 1 kg/m²

ca. 0,31 kg/m²