Silicone adhesive - The optimum adhesive sealantSilikonkleber

Silicone adhesives can be used for caulking, special gaps and joints can be closed with silicone adhesive or tears can be treated so that they do not affect the stability. You notice, silicone adhesive should therefore be called rather as a sealant right?

Adhesion is sure, but due to the product's properties silicone adhesive is the ideal adhesive sealant and is usually used for this as well. Not least because the product can easily withstand high temperature fluctuations and can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors.

When using silicone adhesives, however, adhesives based on a silicon compound are ultimately combined. Hence the somewhat confusing name.

There are differences here in the type of networking. A distinction must be made between neutral-crosslinking silicones (Alcoxysilicone or oxime silicone) and acetic acid-crosslinking silicones (acetate silicone). Depending on the purposes for which you want to use the silicone adhesive, you can also choose between one- and two-component adhesives.

The problem with all silicone products is that there are actually no single regulations, so you always have to pay attention to the respective manufacturer's information as to whether this product is suitable for the respective application.