Densolastic EM

Densolastic EM

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DENSOLASTIC EM, eingesetzt zum Beispiel als Fugenmörtel von Schachtbauwerken in stark befahrenen Straßen, hält höchsten statischen und dynamischen Lasten stand. Aufgrund der hohen Elastizität ist der Mörtel ausgesprochen geräusch- und schwingungs - dämpfend.

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Densolastic EM

Product Info:

DENSOLASTIC EM is a permanently elastic polyurethane plastic mortar joints on the basis of all the requirements by the traffic regulations. Intensive rehabilitation costs omitted.


DENSOLASTIC EM, used for example as a shaft of joint mortar buildings in busy streets, holds the highest static and dynamic loads. Due to the high elasticity of the mortar is very sound and vibration - dampening.
The material consists of two components in appropriate mixing ratio provides an optimum quality, which quickly hardens. EM DENSOLASTIC This is an economical solution, which saves time and money.


Sealed in the original container. Warming above 40 degrees of frost avoided. Container in a well ventilated place and the penetration of the material in the soil prevented. Under these circumstances, EM DENSOLASTIC at least 12 months shelf life.


DENSOLASTIC EM is in the components A and B in separate containers provided. The contents of the container corresponds to the appropriate mix ratio of components A and B. The primer DENSO E is in containers with 1 liter of content delivered.

Primer SKPrimer SK
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Primer SK

Manufacturer: Denso
Item number: 1104
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Primer SK ist ein Kunsstoffprimer, der eine sehr schnelle Ablüftzeit von nur ca. 5 Minuten bei 20°C aufweist. Als Voranstrich für TOK-Band SK, TOK-Band T, TOK-Riegel und Rissband SK bestens geeignet. Transparent und spritzbar. Geprüft gemäß ZTV Fug-StB 01. Die Lieferung erfolgt in 0,4 Liter und 5 Liter Dosen.

Tok Fill PA cold asphalt permeable to waterTok Fill PA cold asphalt permeable to water
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Tok Fill PA cold asphalt permeable to water

Manufacturer: Denso
Item number: 10071057
Delivery beginn within 3-5 days Delivery beginn within 3-5 days **

TOK Fill PA is a reactive high-performance mix for damage in open-pored asphalt surfaces. The material consists of noble split, grain crushed crushed sands and special bitumen. After application, the material cures very quickly. It is extremely stable and easy to work with.

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