Ottoseal A250

Ottoseal A250

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Ottoseal A 250 Acryl copolymer bitumenverträglich mit universeller Haftung ohne Primer auf Blech, Aluminium, Kupfer, Messing, Glas, Keramik, Bitumen, Holz, Beton usw. Ottoseal A 250 haftet auch ohne Primer.

Manufacturer:OTTO Chemie
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Ottoseal A250

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Ottoseal A250 acrylic copolymer bitumen with universal adhesion without primer to sheet metal, aluminum, copper, brass, glass,
Ceramics, bitumen, wood, concrete, etc. A 250 Ottoseal liable even without a primer.

  • Sealant acrylate copolymer-based
  • Universal adhesion without primer to sheet metal, aluminum, copper, brass, glass, ceramics, asphalt, wood, concrete, masonry, plaster, tiles, roof tiles, polyester, roofing etc. 
  • Adheres well on moist, smooth non-absorbent substrates 
  • Buy rainproof Bitumen 
  • UV resistantSilicone 
  • Paintable to DIN 52,452 
  • Can also be cleaned when cured with aqueous cleaning agents


  • Perfect for sealing the roofing, plumbing, plumbers
  • Sealing in air-conditioning and ventilation technology 
  • Secure sealing joints with low elongation


Surfaces or joints should be free of grease and loose particles. For subsequent smoothing of OTTOSEAL A 250 using plenty of water. With proper nozzles to avoid incision and gleichmäßgier gun leadership material surplus of the contribution, because excess OTTOSEAL A 250 can be removed because of its extraordinary liability only with great difficulty. OTTOSEAL A contains 250 solvent, and forms immediately (about 1 min) after the introduction of a skin. To stimulate the Lösemittelausdunstung not too strong, it is recommended that, wherever possible, not to dispose, during strong sunlight. This could lead to cracks within the joint material. This can be by again revising with OTTOSEAL A250 however, easily resolve again. If Ottoseal A250 as a barrier to bituminous surfaces in joints and additional silicone sealant is used to compensate for movements of the joint width to 5 to 25 mm is limited. 1 / 3 of the joint is filled with Ottoseal A250. A drying time of 1 hour must be met before subsequent silicone is introduced. Ottoseal S100, S110 Ottoseal have been tested and are compatible with hardened Ottoseal A250. OTTOSEAL A250 solidified by evaporation of solvents and is rainproof by immediate skin formation from the beginning.
The surface is also slightly after curing restklebrig. The cleaning of equipment or the like may be accomplished by OTTO T Cleaner, acetone or gasoline. The cartridges process as quickly as possible.
OTTOSEAL A250 contains flammable solvents, therefore the processing in the interior to ensure adequate ventilation. Near open flame or other ignition sources should be avoided. Because of the large number of possible influences during processing and the application is the user always make a sample processing and application.


Cool and dry at least 24 months shelf life.
preferably not above 30 ° C


310 ml cartridge (20 KTU. Per carton)


gray, clear, white, brown, black

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Ottoseal A210Ottoseal A210
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Ottoseal A210

Manufacturer: OTTO Chemie
Item number: a210
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Ottoseal A210 is the cheapest among the high-quality acrylic sealants. He offers a practical movement capacity of 10% and a very good paint compatibility. It is available in a 310ml cartridge, 400ml and 580ml tube bag Schlaucbeutel and is especially good for dry construction / interior design.

Sikaflex 11 FCSikaflex 11 FC
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Sikaflex 11 FC

Manufacturer: Sika
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Sikaflex-11 FC ist ein elastischer 1-Komponenten-Dichtstoff auf Polyurethanbasis für Abdichtungen und einfache Verklebungen im Hoch- und Tiefbau. Im Verarbeitungszustand ist Sikaflex-11 FC eine plastische, standfeste Paste, die durch Luftfeuchtigkeit zu einem elastischen Dichtstoff aushärtet.

Fugenfux 3er Set FugenspachtelFugenfux 3er Set Fugenspachtel
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Fugenfux 3er Set Fugenspachtel

Manufacturer: OTTO Chemie
Item number: FUX5
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Fugenfux 3er Set Fugenspachtel zum perfekten Silikonfugen ziehen. Perfekt geformte Fugenspachtel. Größen: 6,5 mm, 8,5 mm, 10 mm

Düsenspitze für SchlauchbeutelDüsenspitze für Schlauchbeutel
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Düsenspitze für Schlauchbeutel

Manufacturer: OTTO Chemie
Item number: Düse-FB120
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Standard-Schlauchbeutel-düse Geeignet für Silikon Schlauchbeutel, MS Polymer Schlauchbeutel, Acryl Schlauchbeutel und alle üblichen Schlauchbeutel.

All poets joint sealantAll poets joint sealant
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All poets joint sealant

Manufacturer: Soudal
Item number: SOUAFIX
Delivery beginn within 24hrs Delivery beginn within 24hrs **

All poets Soudal joint sealant is a universal joint sealant for many problem cases Bauwesen.Soudal All poets joint sealant for joint sealing with max. 20% total movement between the different materials, sealing of roofs with bitumen or plastic sheets, chimney connectors, connection profiles in the roof and walls and repairing leaking gutters and downpipes are just some examples of its use. All poets Soudal joint sealant is crystal clear transparent, UV-and weather-resistant, water resistant immediately (liable even under water) caused no Kupferkorrision liable on bitumen, is paintable and excellent resistance to mold growth.

Skelettpistole HS 84SSkelettpistole HS 84S
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Skelettpistole HS 84S

Manufacturer: Irion Vertriebs GmbH
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Handwerker Kartuschenpistole für 310 ml-Kartuschen. Kartuschenpistole mit sechskant Schubstange und Nachlauf-Bremse. Kartuschenpistole mit gebogener Schubstange, zum einhängen Leitern.

Clean primer 1101Clean primer 1101
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

Clean primer 1101

Manufacturer: OTTO Chemie
Item number: pr1101
Delivery beginn within 24hrs Delivery beginn within 24hrs **

Clean primer 1101 der Haftverbesserer. Clean primer 1101 HaftverbessererReinigung und gleichzeitige Haftungsverbesserung auf beschichteten und unbeschichteten metallischen Werkstoffen und auf verschiedenen Kunststoffen. Bei Clean primer 1101 Haftverbesserer ist kein Ablüften erforderlich.

Ottoseal S117 natural stone siliconeOttoseal S117 natural stone silicone
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs
baseprice: 2,20EUR / 100 ml

Ottoseal S117 natural stone silicone

Manufacturer: OTTO Chemie
Item number: s117
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Ottoseal S117 Natursteinsilikon bietet die 11 gängisten Naturstein Silikon farben. Ottoseal S117 Natursteinsilikon ist fungizid ausgerüstet im frühzeitigen Schimmel zu vermeiden. Keine Randzonenverschmutzung an Natursteinen.

Ottoseal S18 Silicone SwimmingOttoseal S18 Silicone Swimming
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs
baseprice: 3,69EUR / 100 ml

Ottoseal S18 Silicone Swimming

Manufacturer: OTTO Chemie
Item number: S18
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Ottoseal S18 Schwimmbadsilikon ist extrem beständig gegenüber einer Dauernassbelastung. Ottoseal S18 Schwimmbadsilikon ist stark fungizid ausgerüstet gegen Schimmelbefall. Beständig gegen Chlor und sehr Witterungs- und Alterungsbeständig.

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