Ottoseal S72

Ottoseal S72

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Ottoseal S72 Plexiglassilikon & Kunststoffsilikon haftet auch ohne Primer auf fast allen Kunststoffen. Ottoseal S72 Plexiglassilikon & Kunststoffsilikon verursacht an nicht vorgespanntem Plexiglas keine Spannungsrisse.Ottoseal S72 Plexiglassilikon & Kunststoffsilikon ist geprüft für Lebensmittelverträglichkeit.

Manufacturer:OTTO Chemie
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Ottoseal S72

Product Info:

Ottoseal S72 Plexiglas Silicon & Plastic Silicone adheres well without primer on most plastics. Causes of non toughened Plexiglas Spannungsrisse.Ottoseal S72 is not approved for food compatibility.

  • Neutral curing silicone sealant with alkoxy-base
  • Adheres without primer on most plastics (except PE, PP, PTFE and other plastics with low surface tension) 
  •  Very good adhesion to a double-skin sheets 
  •  Good tear resistance 
  • Noncorrosive 
  •  UV-resistant 
  •  Weathering and resistance to aging

 Standards and tests:

  • Causes of non toughened Plexiglas (reviewed by Röhm GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany), no stress cracks
  • The compatibility of OTTOSEAL S72 with Plexiglas is energized by the manufacturer, tested and confirmed. Degussa AG report on the compatibility with Plexiglas XT is available
  • Tested for food compatibility of Chemical Laboratory, Dr. Stegemann, Georgsmarienhütte


  • Bonding and sealing in plastic, greenhouse and winter garden


Application temperature: +5 º C to +35 º C.
Mounting method ejaculate: With Hand Press pistol, air gun or gun battery.
Cleaning: with white spirit before curing, then with silicone or removed mechanically.
Smoothing and leveling agents with Abziehspachtel before skinning.


During the hardening gradually small amounts of alcohol free. In the
Final state OTTOSEAL S72 is completely odorless and indifferent. The curing time is extended with increasing thickness of the silicone. One-component silicone adhesive bonds are not suitable for flat, unless the specific design requirements for this are given. If the silicon in layer thicknesses of more than 15 mm are used, please contact prior to the application of petrol chemistry. Before the use of the adhesive / sealant, the user must ensure that the materials in the contact area (solid, liquid and gas) with the adhesive / sealant are compatible and that do not damage or change (eg color). For building materials that are processed in the sequence in the area of the adhesive / sealant, the user has to clarify in advance that their ingredients and no fumes
cause degradation or change (eg, discoloration) of the adhesive-sealant can. If necessary, the user has to take consultation with the respective manufacturer of building materials. The interaction of chemicals in liquid and gaseous form, such as iodine, bromine or aldehyde substances can occur on a silicone sealant stain. If necessary. in advance of the use of S72 OTTOSEAL attempts must be made! Prior to the grouting of joints with high chemical or physical stress, please consult the Application of petrol chemistry. Contact and contact with bituminous materials such as weichmacherabgebenden Butyl, EPDM, neoprene, and black paints Isolieranstrichen avoid etc..


12 months from date of manufacture in unopened packaging in a cool (+5 ° C and +25 º C) and dry storage. Opened container tightly closed and short-term use.


310 ml cartridge (20 KTU. Per carton)


transparent, RAL9010

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>> Safety data sheet <<

>> Certificate - crazing plexiglass <<

>> Certificate - olfactory or taste of the transition to food <<

Clipdüse ohne KappeClipdüse ohne Kappe
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Clipdüse ohne Kappe

Manufacturer: OTTO Chemie
Item number: CLIPD10
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Standard-kartuschen-düse mit Clip Lasche

Ottoseal S80 natural stone siliconeOttoseal S80 natural stone silicone
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Ottoseal S80 natural stone silicone

Manufacturer: OTTO Chemie
Item number: s80
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Ottoseal S117 Natursteinsilikon bietet die 11 gängisten Naturstein Silikon farben. Ottoseal S117 Natursteinsilikon ist fungizid ausgerüstet im frühzeitigen Schimmel zu vermeiden. Keine Randzonenverschmutzung an Natursteinen.

Carjoint metal adhesiveCarjoint metal adhesive
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Carjoint metal adhesive

Manufacturer: Soudal
Item number: 1203
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CARJOINT is a strong adhesive, flexible sealant for sealing of overlapping sheets in the body area (commercial vehicles, caravans, containers, etc.) and metal in general. CARJOINT is up to 120 ° C temperature-resistant, moisture resistant, resistant to oils, salts and mild acids and well painted over.

Ottocoll P86Ottocoll P86
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Ottocoll P86

Manufacturer: OTTO Chemie
Item number: p86
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Ottocoll P86 ist ein standfester Klebstoff mit einer exzellenten Haftung auf Metallen.Besitzt nach der Aushärtung eine extrem hohe Zugfestigkeit.Ottocoll P 86 füllt Hohlräume durch leichtes Aufschäumen ideal aus.

Ottocoll S610Ottocoll S610
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baseprice: 8,56EUR / 100 ml

Ottocoll S610

Manufacturer: OTTO Chemie
Item number: s610
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Ottocoll P520 2K PU Klebstoff Standfester Premium Klebstoff auf PU Basis mit Exzellenter Haftung auf Metallen mit einer extrem hohen Zugfestigkeit von ca. 14000N. Ottocoll P520 2K PU Klebstoff hat eine schnelle Schwundfreie Aushärtung auch in hohen Schichtstärken.

Handpresspistole HPS56Handpresspistole HPS56
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Handpresspistole HPS56

Manufacturer: Irion Vertriebs GmbH
Item number: 1314
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HPS cartridge gun 56 is a rugged professional machine with a rotating bowl and extra strong thrust block. A special deduction prevents slipping of the fingers. In the HPS cartridge press the push rod 56 is bent so that at the end of the Han as can be hung on a ladder rung.

Clean primer 1226Clean primer 1226
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Clean primer 1226

Manufacturer: OTTO Chemie
Item number: pr1226
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Clean Primer 1226 der Haftreiniger (Clean primer) auf Lösungsmittelbasis mit Haftzusätzen.Clean Primer 1226 verbessert die Haftung von Dichtstoffen und Klebstoffen auf metallischen Werkstoffen.

Soudal Silikonfugen entfernerSoudal Silikonfugen entferner
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baseprice: 0,08EUR / 100 ml

Soudal Silikonfugen entferner

Manufacturer: Soudal
Item number: sse
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Ottoseal Silout Silikonentferner leichtes entfernen von Silikonfugen und Silikon resten aus Fugen und verschmutzten Oberflächen. Ottoseal Silout Silikonentferner zum entfernen von Silikonfugen und ausgehärteten Silikon Dichtstoffen und Klebstoffen.

All poets joint sealantAll poets joint sealant
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baseprice: 2,43EUR / 100 ml

All poets joint sealant

Manufacturer: Soudal
Item number: SOUEPDM
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All poets Soudal joint sealant is a universal joint sealant for many problem cases Bauwesen.Soudal All poets joint sealant for joint sealing with max. 20% total movement between the different materials, sealing of roofs with bitumen or plastic sheets, chimney connectors, connection profiles in the roof and walls and repairing leaking gutters and downpipes are just some examples of its use. All poets Soudal joint sealant is crystal clear transparent, UV-and weather-resistant, water resistant immediately (liable even under water) caused no Kupferkorrision liable on bitumen, is paintable and excellent resistance to mold growth.

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