Sikaflex 221

Sikaflex 221

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Sikaflex-11 FC ist ein elastischer 1-Komponenten-Dichtstoff auf Polyurethanbasis für Abdichtungen und einfache Verklebungen im Hoch- und Tiefbau. Im Verarbeitungszustand ist Sikaflex-11 FC eine plastische, standfeste Paste, die durch Luftfeuchtigkeit zu einem elastischen Dichtstoff aushärtet.

Manufacturer:Sika Chemie
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Sikaflex 221

Product information:

Sikaflex-11 FC is an elastic 1-component sealant based on polyurethane for waterproofing and easy bondings in civil engineering. In the processing state Sikaflex-11 FC, a plastic, stable paste that is hardening by air humidity to an elastic sealant.
Standards and tests:

  • Safety Statement from contact with food, ISEGA. 
  • Aptitude test to avoid splitting or contact corrosion coatings in conjunction with the ZTV-KOR.


  • Joints with medium to low movement capability, eg

 - Connection joints floor / wall
- Connecting joints on doors

  • Waterproofing works / seam sealing / bonding simple:

 - In wood and metal
- In Klima-/Lüftungsbereich
- For roofing work
- On terraces and flat roofs
- For shock and overlap joints.


Processing temperature: +5 º C to +35 º C.
Mounting method: hand pressing, compressed air or hose out battery gun.
Cleaning: with white spirit before curing, then with silicone remover and removed mechanically.
Smooth: With Glättmittel and Abziehspachtel before skinning.


Cool and dry for at least 12 months from date of manufacture

Delivery form:

300 ml cartridge (20 KTU. Per box)


white, concrete-gray
, black

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Purocol ExpressPurocol Express
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baseprice: 1,95EUR / 100 ml

Purocol Express

Manufacturer: Soudal
Item number: puex
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Purocol Express PU Klebstoff ist ein durch Feuchtigkeit sehr schnell aushärtender Konstruktionsklebstoff auf Polyurethan basis. Purocol Express PU Klebstoff mit sehr hoher Klebekraft ist dieser Konstruktionsklebstoff für alle Verleimungen im Holzbereich, bei der Möbelfertigung und weiteren Bauverklebungen sehr gut geeignet. Purocol Express PU Klebstoff hat eine sehr hohe Transparenz und ist speziell für unsichtbare Verleimungen ohne Fleckenbildung im Möbelbereich anzuwenden. Purocol Express PU Klebstoff ist auch für feuchtes Holz geeignet. Unter Feuchtigkeitseinfluß schäumt Purocol Express PU Klebstoff etwas auf und kann so Spalten überbrücken. Wasserfestigkeit D4 (DIN EN 204). Für Innen und Aussen geeignet. Offene Zeit ca. 5 Minuten – Presszeit mind. 60 Minuten.

Sikabond Maximum TackSikabond Maximum Tack
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baseprice: 2,79EUR / 100 ml

Sikabond Maximum Tack

Manufacturer: Sika Chemie
Item number: SMATA
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SikaBond AT-14 is used as a high-strength, elastic adhesive force of metal cladding, facades and roof elements; for HPL panels in lifts, in the interior and for polystyrene foam insulation in garages, foundations, and in the metal and facade. SikaBond AT-14 has excellent adhesion to many non-absorbent substrates such as Metals (aluminum, copper, galvanized steel and stainless steel, etc.) and many plastics such as PVC, powder coatings, HPL panels.

Ottocoll RapidOttocoll Rapid
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baseprice: 2,35EUR / 100 ml

Ottocoll Rapid

Manufacturer: OTTO Chemie
Item number: p340
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Ottocoll Rapid is a super-strong kraft adhesive. Immediately strong with an extremely fast curing. Ottocoll Rapid can be used almost universally. Ottocoll Rapid for bonding, mounting, repairing materials such as wood and wood-based materials, metals (aluminum, stainless steel, copper, etc.), stone, natural stone, ceramics, bricks, plastics (rigid PVC, GRP, etc.) - Insulation materials (Styrofoam, PUR etc.) - Fire-resistant building panels.

Sikabond T2Sikabond T2
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baseprice: 4,99EUR / 100 ml

Sikabond T2

Manufacturer: Sika Chemie
Item number: bondt2
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SikaBond T2 of construction adhesive in construction and perfect for sticking in the indoor and outdoor use. SikaBond T2 construction adhesive is suitable for the elastic bonding of concrete, wood and ceramics to each other and with other common building materials such as fiber cement, drywall, steel, aluminum, rigid PVC, fiberglass, polyurethane and mineral wool. Thus can be perfectly bonded with structural adhesive SikaBond T2 window sills, stair treads, bumper guards, door and signage, as well as prefabricated structural bonding in many other materials.

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