Soudaflex 14LM ist Dichtstoff mit einem besonders großem Dehnvermögen und einer ausgezeichneten Chemikalienbeständigkeit. Soudaflex 14LM Zum Abdichten von Elementen mit besonders großer Bewegungsbelastung.

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Soudaflex 14LM

Product info:

SOUDAFLEX 14 LM is a high-quality, elastic, Single sealant on
Polyurethane base.

     * Anstrichverträglich

     * Wide range of detention

     * Chemical resistant

     * Elastic

     * Fast

     * Silicone-free


     * All the usual Baufugen
     * Joints in building construction according to DIN 18540
     * Following joints between window / door frames and masonry
     * Voltage Balancing expansion joints between construction materials with very different expansion behavior
     * Joints with a larger movement


Processing temperature: +5 º C to +35 º C.
Affixing Method: By Hand Press, pneumatic or battery ausspritzen pistol.
Cleaning: With Terpentinersatz before curing, then with silicone or mechanically removed.
Smoothing: With Glättmittel and skin before Abziehspachtel education.


12 months from the date of production in unopened packaging in cooler (+5 º C and +25 º C) and dry storage. Dawn cans well sealed and consume the short term.


310ml aluminum cartridge (15 KTU. Per carton)


light brown, dark brown, white, dark gray, betongrau, dark beige

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