Soudaflex 40FC ist pefekt geeignet für Alle Abdichtungs- und Klebeanwendungen in der Metallindustrie. Mit Soudaflex 40FC Problemlos verkleben und Abdichten von vibrierenden Konstruktionen. Schweißnahtabdichtung,schleifbar und anstrichverträglich.

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Soudaflex 40FC

Product Info:

Soudaflex 40FC is suitable for all pefekt sealing and bonding applications in the metal industry. Trouble-free bonding and sealing of vibrating structures. Seam sealing, schleifbar and anstrichverträglich.

     * Anstrichverträglich

     * Wide range of detention

     * Chemicals

     * Elastic

     * Schleifbar

     * Fast-curing

     * Silicone-free

     * Overpainted


     * All sealing and bonding applications in the construction and metal industry
     * Structural Connections in vibrating structures
     * Sealing and bonding in metal structures
     * Shrink sealing joints in concrete floors
     * Elastic, tension and balance the bonding densities in the container, car, caravan, wagon and shipbuilding
     * Seals in the air-conditioning and ventilation engineering
     * Weld seals


Processing temperature: +5 º C to +35 º C.
Affixing Method: By Hand Press, pneumatic or battery ausspritzen pistol.
Cleaning: With Terpentinersatz before curing, then with silicone or mechanically removed.
Smoothing: With Glättmittel and Abziehspachtel before skin formation.


12 months from the date of manufacture in unopened packaging in cool (+5 º C and +25 º C) and dry storage. Opening cans well sealed and short supply.


310ml aluminum cartridge (12 Ktu. Per carton)

600ml bag (12 bags per carton)


brown, white, gray, black

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