Soudal Dachdicht zum perfekten abdichten von Dachfugen, Fallrohre und  Dachbedeckungen. Ausführen von Notreparaturen, auch bei Regen. Abdichten von Schornsteinverwahrungen. Kaltkleber für alle Dachpappenarten. Sehr gute primerlose Haftung auf fast allen, auch bituminösen, Untergründen.

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Soudal Roof Kit

Product info:

     * Bitumenverträglich

     * Wide range of detention

     * Liable on bitumen

     * Plasto-elastic

     * Waterproof


     * Following joints between different materials
     * Sealing of roof joints, pipes and roofing case
     * Run of emergency repairs, even in the rain
     * Sealing Schornsteinverwahrungen
     * Cold sealing for all types of roofing felt


Use of processing temperature: 5 degrees C to 35 º C.
Affixing Method: By Hand Press, pneumatic or battery ausspritzen pistol.
Cleaning: With Terpentinersatz before curing, then with silicone or mechanically removed.
Smoothing: With Glättmittel and skin before Abziehspachtel education.


12 months from the date of production in unopened packaging in cooler (5 degrees C and 25 º C) and dry storage. Dawn cans well sealed and consume the short term.


310 ml PE-cartridge (15 KTU. Per carton)



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