Soudatherm Roof 100 Dach abdichten

Soudal WASSER STOPP ist eine gebrauchsfertige, mit Kunststofffasern verstärkte Beschichtung für trockene und nasse Untergründe. Soudal WASSER STOPP zumausbesserung und Renovierung von Dächern und Dachrinnen.

Soudatherm Roof 100 Dach abdichten
Product info: 

wide range of detention
chemical resistant
is liable on bitumen
überputz-and spreadable
UV-and weather-stable

Repair and renovation of roofs and gutters
Bridging major damage
Immediately sealing damaged roofs, gutters, skylights
Water resistant sealing cracks and bubbles in Dachbitumenbahmen


Boarding method: Underground carefully cleaned. Cracks or joints with roof sealant and mix thoroughly. Water with scraper stop (under water) or affix a broad brush. For larger damage after 8 days, a second layer up.
Water may stop with acrylic paints on stress.
Processing Temperature: -5 ° C to +35 ° C
Cleaning: With Terpentinersatz before curing, then with silicone or mechanically removed.


24 months from the date of production in unopened packaging in cooler (+5 º C and +25 º C) and dry storage. Dawn cans well sealed and consume the short term.


750 g metal (6 per carton)



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