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Sikaflex Construction Sealant is a polyurethane based on the engineering and building construction. Sikaflex Construction (D) is 1-part and is supplied ready to use. By reaction with moisture in air Sikaflex Construction (D) to a flexible sealant.

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Winfix Folienkleber

Product Info:

Sikaflex Construction Sealant is a polyurethane based on the engineering and building construction. Sikaflex Construction (D) is 1-part and is supplied ready to use. By reaction with moisture in air Sikaflex Construction (D) to a flexible sealant.

  • Very short stringing
  • Tack-free surface
  • Movement capability 25%
  • High tear resistance
  • Bubble-free curing
  • Very wide range of adhesion

Standards and tests:

  • ISO 11600 F 25 HM / 20 LM, SKZ Würzburg

Areas of application:

  • Connection joints in buildings
  • on windows and doors
  • to shutter boxes, curtain walls, metal siding and concrete components

Movement joints in buildings

  • on balconies
  • on masonry
  • to concrete
  • in aerated


Processing temperature: +5 ° C to +35 ° C.
Method: By Hand Press ejaculate gun, air gun or gun battery.
Cleaning: with white spirit before curing, and then with silicone or mechanically removed.
Smoothing: Smoothing with trowel and before skinning.


Cool and dry at least 12 months from date of manufacture, egg cooler and dry storage in original, undamaged containers at temperatures between + 10 ° C and 25 ° C.


Sikaflex-Construction (D) should not be used for sealing glass in floor joints, in joints with constant exposure to water. Natural stone granite should be treated as a rule, such as concrete surfaces, other natural stones are attempts required please sit down in front of the application with your sales consultant.
The color can be affected by the action of environmental influences
be (chemicals, high temperature, UV radiation, especially when color "white"). The changes do not exclude the hue have no influence on the technical and protective properties of the product. Elastic sealants should never be painted. Compatible with sealant coats the joint edges should be max. 1 mm cut (test according to DIN 52452-4). Not on bituminous substrates, or other oil or plasticizer hemorrhaging substrates such as EPDM or natural rubber insert (or preliminary tests or contact your sales representative). This product is not in the uncured state, isocyanate compounds, particularly alcohols, which are part of alcohol, for example, many paint thinners, cleaning agents and formwork oil, mixed or in contact
be accommodated, since otherwise complete the reaction (crosslinking) of the material
is disrupted or prevented. With Sikaflex-Construction (D) during the curing process a health risk, but potentially more intense odor develops after marzipan. Therefore interiors are revealed strengthened after installation and before use. For odor-sensitive interior spaces such as e.g. Schools and kindergartens, etc., we recommend the use of odorless material Sikaflex AT Connection.
Delivery form:
600 ml bag (20 KTU. Per box)


white, gray concrete,

Sikabond Maximum TackSikabond Maximum Tack
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baseprice: 2,79EUR / 100 ml

Sikabond Maximum Tack

Manufacturer: Sika
Item number: SMATA
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SikaBond AT-14 is used as a high-strength, elastic adhesive force of metal cladding, facades and roof elements; for HPL panels in lifts, in the interior and for polystyrene foam insulation in garages, foundations, and in the metal and facade. SikaBond AT-14 has excellent adhesion to many non-absorbent substrates such as Metals (aluminum, copper, galvanized steel and stainless steel, etc.) and many plastics such as PVC, powder coatings, HPL panels.

Clean primer 1101Clean primer 1101
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

Clean primer 1101

Manufacturer: OTTO Chemie
Item number: pr1101
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Clean primer 1101 der Haftverbesserer. Clean primer 1101 HaftverbessererReinigung und gleichzeitige Haftungsverbesserung auf beschichteten und unbeschichteten metallischen Werkstoffen und auf verschiedenen Kunststoffen. Bei Clean primer 1101 Haftverbesserer ist kein Ablüften erforderlich.

Sikaflex Pro 1 FCSikaflex Pro 1 FC
7,47EUR / tubular bag
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs
baseprice: 1,25EUR / 100 ml

Sikaflex Pro 1 FC

Manufacturer: Sika
Item number: pro1fc
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Sikaflex-PRO 1 FC is an elastic sealing material for building, especially for the sealing of joints according to the rules of DIN 18 540-F. Sikaflex-PRO 1 FC is 1-component and is ready to use in processing low single packages. By reacting with moisture in air Sikaflex-PRO 1 FC to an elastic sealant. Sikaflex-PRO 1 FC is characterized by a short thread and outline for good smoothing properties.

Holzleim Pro 45P wasserfest (5l Kanister)Holzleim Pro 45P wasserfest (5l Kanister)
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs
baseprice: 8,17EUR / pro l

Holzleim Pro 45P wasserfest (5l Kanister)

Manufacturer: Soudal
Item number: 45P5L
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Holzleim Pro 45P PUR Leim ist ein durch Feuchtigkeit aushärtender Polyurethanleim PUR Leim mit sehr hoher Klebekraft zum Verleimen von Fenstern, Türen, Sparren, Sandwichpaneelen, Isoliermaterialien und hölzernen Konstruktionselementen. Holzleim Pro 45P PUR Leim ist nicht gefüllt und auch für feuchtes Holz geeignet. Unter Feuchtigkeitseinfluß schäumt Holzleim Pro 45P PUR Leim gering auf und kann so Spalten überbrücken. Wasserfestigkeit D4 Leim PUR Leim (DIN EN 204). Für Innen und Aussen geeignet. Offene Zeit ca. 5 Minuten – Presszeit mind. 30 Minuten.

2K Soudafoam2K Soudafoam
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs
baseprice: 1,93EUR / 100 ml

2K Soudafoam

Manufacturer: Soudal
Item number: SOU400SDR-S
Delivery beginn within 24hrs Delivery beginn within 24hrs **

SOUDAFOAM 2K is a Two-component, self polyurethane foam for quick assembling of professional window and door frames. The foaming is very fast and independently of humidity. According to a press not. Thanks to its high dimensional stability is also the Wannensetzschaum use as possible. It is already after about 15 minutes cut and thus for applications with earliest suitable load. The gas is harmless to the ozone layer.

incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs
baseprice: 1,26EUR / 100 ml


Manufacturer: Soudal
Item number: SOU500P-S
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Soudal Pistolenschaum Xtra 750 hat durch die spezielle Rezeptur die Schaumausbeute der 500ml Dose entsprechend der einer Dose mit 750ml PU Schaum. Das macht den Soudal Pistolenschaum Xtra 750 zu einem handlichem Bauschaum der sich gut verarbeiten lässt.

Tesa 4306Tesa 4306
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs
baseprice: 0,05EUR / pro m

Tesa 4306

Manufacturer: Tesa
Item number: 4306
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Tesa 4348 Malerkrepp ist ein leicht gekrepptes Maler Abdeckband speziell für Maleranwendungen und Abklebeanwendungen für saubere Abschlüsse.

Schaumpistole ErgoSchaumpistole Ergo
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

Schaumpistole Ergo

Manufacturer: Irion Vertriebs GmbH
Item number: ergo
Delivery beginn within 24hrs Delivery beginn within 24hrs **

Leichte Kunststoffpistole Schaumpistole / Metallpistole Schaumpistole. Hervorragend einstellbar durch extra große Stellschraube. Mit Metallabzug. Stabiles Gerät für eine einfache Handhabung. Ergonomischer Handgriff mit Gummierung für einen hervorragenden halt.

top 1K Insulation Adhesive1K Insulation Adhesive
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs
baseprice: 1,44EUR / 100 ml

1K Insulation Adhesive

Manufacturer: Soudal
Item number: dämkle
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INSULATION ADHESIVE is a high quality, solvent free, one-component polyurethane adhesive foam (PU foam) for efficient, clean, economical and safe permanent bonding of thermal insulation panels in the roof area, ideal for thermal insulation. This innovative adhesive foam at low temperatures has a high initial adhesion, is also suitable for vertical bonds and similar irregularities from optimal. With its fast curing, the adhesion after 2 hours are revised. Compared with conventional polyurethane roof adhesives has one with INSULATING ADHESIVE an enormous weight reduction and space savings and overall a 30% working time reduction. INSULATION ADHESIVE should be metered precisely and economically than enough for up to approximately 14 m² insulation.

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