Clean joints

Clean joints with proven home remedies

Let's start with a variety of home remedies that can do you a lot of work and also have preventive effect.

candle wax

Once the house cleaning is on again, pack a candle. A candle? The light is alright! No, really a candle, because wax helps you to clean the joints. After the first wipe with common detergent, go over the joints with the blunt end of the candle. You will notice that this will also remove stubborn stains that you would not have got rid of by simply wiping. Especially joints that constantly come into contact with water form over time ugly black spots that are simply unsightly. The wax of the candle solves this problem. Another advantage is that your joints will not only shine in new splendor, but the wax seals the joints at the same time, so that new dirt particles are difficult to settle again.

The seal, however, does not last forever. So you have to "regrow" regularly.

The soda bomb

A proven home remedy that also facilitates the cleaning of joints is soda. It is best to mix soda with a few other ingredients that are also found in the home to achieve maximum success. We call it the soda bomb:

What you need:

  • 3 tablespoons of baking soda or soda powder
  • 1 tbsp water
  • 1 tsp vinegar

Just mix all three ingredients together in a bowl. Then you can simply apply the mixture to the joints with a toothbrush. Then give your work an exposure time of about an hour and make sure that the room is well ventilated. If the soda bomb has been used, you will have to use the toothbrush and clear water again to remove the dirt. Due to the mixture, however, it should go relatively quickly and you can then mop up the dirt with a rag.

But beware: The soda bomb is not suitable for silicone joints and not for natural stone surfaces. Also, the toothbrush is no longer suitable for brushing teeth.

The special case cleaning silicone joints is treated here.

Soda party

Soda is one of the favorite home remedies when it comes to soiling. Why not use it with dirty joints? So it is, soda helps to clean the joints. Simply mix soda in a ratio of 3: 1 and add some washing up liquid. Then comes back to the toothbrush with the game, with which you can apply the mixture. The exposure time is only a few minutes and you can then rinse with clean water and wipe with a cloth, the moisture and dirt.

baking powder

You often hear that baking soda whitens your teeth when we're already working with the toothbrush. While we can not confirm that, we can tell you that baking soda can help clean joints. Simply mix with water until a paste is formed, which then has to be applied again. The exposure time should last for another hour and then wipe with a cloth.
Clean joints without budget funds

If you do not like cleaning the joints with the tried and tested home remedies, you can of course use special equipment or tools. Below are a few examples.


A dirt eraser is ultimately nothing more than an eraser that you use to erase pencil strokes. This is exactly how it works with the dirt in the joints. He is simply erased. But you can imagine that this solution is far more exhausting than cleaning with liquids. The result can be seen!

On the negative side, if cleaning with the dirt eraser is more frequent, the joints can be severely damaged and even cracked. Water penetrates much faster, which should be avoided.
Clean joints with hard gun - The steam cleaner

The produced steam of the steam cleaner penetrates deep into the fugue and kills everything in its way. Ugly stains seek as quickly as possible and bacteria and germs are also no chance. Depending on which steam cleaner is used, you also have different brush heads available, which additionally facilitate the cleaning of the joints. Once the steam cleaner has done its job, you usually only have to wipe up the dissolved dirt with a common household cloth.

In case of mold in the joints - clean anti mold spray joints with anti mold spray

If mold has settled in the joints, the joint should be disinfected with an anti mold spray. With mold in the joint is not to joke, because it is harmful and can cause allergies and asthma.
Conclusion Clean joints

Cleaning joints is really not a nice job. However, you can use these tips to make your work much easier and simply get better results.

Especially in the bathroom, you do not come around cleaning the joints. This is simply because the bath is used very often on the one hand and on the other hand, the constant contact with water promotes the formation of unsightly stains. In addition, joints in these areas provide the optimal breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This is then not only unpleasant, but also harmful to health. Therefore, clean it regularly and prevent new dirt. So you have less work to do the second time.

I wish you success