Silicone black

Silicone blackSchwarzes Silikon in der Dusche

Silicone black? For most people think of the word silicone as meaning a white or transparent joint in the bathroom or in the kitchen. For many years silicone was used expediently for sealing. It was always this property in the foreground, but these times are now long gone. The variety of colors and materials used in the bathroom and kitchen today is almost limitless. So why not put colored accents, with black silicone! At furnishing and bathroom fairs is now impressively shown what is possible. Whether daring color combinations with red and black or a clear line with black silicone on gray or white tiles. There is something for every taste. Even with windows, black silicone is a great substitute for a gasket. In the aquarium sector and in the construction of terrariums black silicone is also very popular and almost impossible to think away. Also, mobile phone cases, wristwatches for watches or fitness trackers usually contain black silicone.

Properties of black silicone

In addition to the optical advantages and the many different applications, the properties of the black silicone compared to the colorless silicones remain basically the same. The black silicone is also made on the basis of rubber and thus seals reliably and permanently. It remains flexible and tear-resistant according to the corresponding DIN standards and is available in different resistance for temperatures between minus 60 degrees Celsius and plus 230 degrees Celsius. As with the colorless variants, many variants belong to the acetate system and are wetted with vinegar. This has the consequence that acetic acid is split off when curing, which also creates the typical smell in the room, where working with silicone. The curing is almost without shrinkage. Black silicone can also be processed on almost any surface. Whether metal, ceramic or plastic, the surface should only be free of loose parts, dirt and grease.

A positive quality can be attributed to the black silicone compared to its colorless relatives. Colorless silicones have an average UV resistance. Here black silicone has a significantly improved resistance to UV light, which has a positive effect on the durability.

A disadvantage of the paint is the visibility of dirt and deposits. Therefore, a black silicone joint, even if they do not appear particularly dirty, should be cleaned thoroughly more often. So has possible mold attack no chance.

Processing of black siliconeSilikonfugen ziehen Silikon schwarz

If the surface on which the joint is to be pulled is cleaned free of grease, you can start. First the cartridge is cut open and the enclosed plastic tip is screwed on. The cartridge is now placed in the silicone syringe and cut the screwed plastic tip with a craft knife. The shape of the tip makes it possible to adjust the size of the opening to the joint width to be pulled. The more precisely you cut the point here, the less surplus silicone can be removed afterwards. Now apply the silicone evenly and smooth it with a joint puller. With colored silicone, it is advisable to mask the surfaces above and below the joint with some masking tape. This will prevent excess silicone from remaining on the surfaces. Especially with black silicone such residues are immediately visible and affect the result sustainable. It is also advisable to apply smoother to the silicone before smoothing the joint.

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Good to know: Detergents are often recommended as an alternative to smoothing agents. However, caution should be exercised because rinsing agent can attack certain types of silicone, which in turn leads to the silicone joint losing its tightness.