Fix All High Tack


FIX ALL HIGH TACK is a high quality, adhesive, permanently elastic adhesive based on hybrid polymer with high initial tack and rapid through hardening. Soudal FIX ALL HIGH TACK MS Polymer Power Kraft Adhesive with high initial tack.

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Fix All High Tack

Product info:

FIX ALL HIGH TACK is a high quality, adhesive, permanently elastic adhesive based on hybrid polymer with high initial tack and rapid through hardening. Soudal FIX ALL HIGH TACK MS Polymer Power Kraft Adhesive with high initial tack.

Very easy to process
After curing permanently elastic
Not corrosive
Waterproof and seawater resistant
Compensates for unevenness and material tensions
No staining on porous substrates such as e.g. Natural stone, ashlar, marble, granite, etc.
Bubble-free curing even at high temperatures
Very good, mostly primerless adhesion on almost all surfaces
Also sticks on damp surfaces
Silicone-, solvent-, halogen-, acid- and isocyanate-free
Very well paint-compatible according to DIN 52452-A1 (see remark), can be over-painted wet-on-wet
Colorfast, weather and UV resistant

Application areas:

Direct bonding of many materials
For dynamically stressed, structural bonds where a high initial tack is required.
Bonding and sealing in construction and metal industries
Structural bonding of vibrating constructions
Gluing of door frames, window sills, panels, panels, skirting boards, moldings, wooden constructions and insulation materials


FIX ALL HIGH TACK has excellent, mostly primerless, adhesion to a variety of substrates, e.g. Metals (steel, AIMgSi1, brass, zinc, steel ST 1403, electro galvanized and fire galvanized steel, AICuMg1), plastics (polystyrene, polycarbonate, PVC, polyamide and GRP - not on ABS, PE, PMMA, PP, PTFE and silicones), polystyrene , Cork, enamel, concrete, glass, HPL and wood.
Attention: PMMA and polycarbonate may only be glued without tension, otherwise they may cause stress cracks. For polycarbonate, we generally recommend preliminary tests. As a general rule, it is important for plastics that the release agents used for manufacturing or protective films used for transport must be removed without residue prior to bonding, as these will in some cases considerably impair adhesion. Especially with porous natural stones, such as Sandstone, Carrara, Jura etc. may cause staining and / or adhesion problems. Plastics containing plasticizers (eg soft PVC, butyl rubber, EPDM and APTK) can cause incompatibilities such as discoloration or loss of adhesion. Here a suitability in the system is to be examined. The adhesive surfaces must be stable, clean, free of dust and grease. Dry substrates are particularly suitable. FIX ALL HIGH TACK also adheres to damp surfaces and even under water. However, the adhesion achieved can be lower than that on dry and cleaned substrates.
Pretreatment: pretreat porous substrates with higher water load, if necessary with PRIMER 150. For all smooth surfaces we recommend pre-cleaning, degreasing and activating with SURFACE ACTIVATOR.
It is advisable to perform an adhesion and compatibility test on every surface first.


Attachment method: manual gun, air pressure gun or battery gun.

Working temperature:
+ 0 ° C (frost-free) to + 40 ° C (ambient temperature)
+ 0ºC (frost-free) to + 35ºC (adhesive surface temperature)
The curing is done by humidity at room temperature from outside to inside and slows down over time. At low temperatures and / or low humidity, curing is significantly delayed!
Cleaning: with SURFACE CLEANER, SWIPEX or turpentine substitute before curing, then with SILICONE REMOVER or mechanically removable.
Smoothing: with smoother or natural stone smoothing agent against skin formation
Repair possibility: with FIX ALL HIGH TACK


FIX ALL HIGH TACK is paint-compatible. According to the relevant standards (for example, DIN 18540), elastic sealants should not be overcoated over the entire surface, since tensions and movements may cause crack formation in the non-elastic coating. Alkyd resin paints may have a drying delay of the paint. Due to the large number of paint systems available on the market, we recommend suitable compatibility and adhesion tests in advance. Any remaining soap residue from the smoothing water must be removed before painting, as this will reduce the paint adhesion.


12 months from date of production in unopened packaging in a cool (+ 5ºC to + 25ºC) and dry storage. Close off the drums and consume them at short notice.


290 ml PE cartridge (12 per carton)



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