Ottocoll Rapid is a super-strong kraft adhesive. Immediately strong with an extremely fast curing. Ottocoll Rapid can be used almost universally. Ottocoll Rapid for bonding, mounting, repairing materials such as wood and wood-based materials, metals (aluminum, stainless steel, copper, etc.), stone, natural stone, ceramics, bricks, plastics (rigid PVC, GRP, etc.) - Insulation materials (Styrofoam, PUR etc.) - Fire-resistant building panels.

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Ottocoll Rapid

Product info:

     * Stand-resistant polyurethane adhesive on base

     * Extremely fast curing

     * Extremely high Klebfestigkeit

     * Short Press and Fixierzeiten

     * Almost universally

     * Solvent Free

     * Odor neutral

     * Non-corrosive


     * For construction, expansion, assembly
     * For gluing, assembling, repairing materials such as wood and wood materials, metals (aluminum, stainless steel, copper, etc.), rock, stone, ceramic, tile, plastics (rigid PVC, GRP etc.), insulation (Styrofoam, PU, etc.), fire-protected building panels (plasterboard, etc.)
     * Note, not for the Stoßfugenverklebung capable of gypsum fiber boards


Processing temperature: +5 º C to +35 º C.
Affixing Method: By Hand Press, pneumatic or battery ausspritzen pistol.
Cleaning: With Terpentinersatz before curing, then with silicone or mechanically removed.
Smoothing: With Glättmittel and skin before Abziehspachtel education.


Cool and dry for at least 24 months shelf life.


310 ml cartridge (20 KTU. Per carton)


creamy white

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