Coat silicone

Cross over silicone - facts and answers

Silicone is one of the most widely used sealants in the household. Especially with renovations, there is often the question of whether you can not just paint over the old silicone with a new color. We say if it works and what alternatives there are. And an insider tip :)
Can I paint over silicone? Ottoseal S100 color chart

Due to the chemical properties of silicone, it is impossible that a normal wall paint silicone can paint over. The paint will not get any adhesion to the silicone and will either bead off immediately or crumble after drying.

With normal emulsion paint it is not possible to coat silicone. But there is special silicone color. This is also liable to silicone, but costs a lot of money and it must then be repainted the entire area. Silicone paint, however, contains many plasticisers that are controversial.

Silicone joints Select color - it is much cheaper to buy the silicone in the right color. The Ottoseal S100 offers over 80 different colors. Silicone is cheaper than the special silicone paint and so you save a lot of money if you renew the silicone joints instead.

Tip: Use a paintable silicone directly. Paintable silicone? Is there something like that? Yes! The Ottoseal S113 paintable silicone is modified so that it is paintable.

Silicone or acrylic what is paintable?

Covering the old silicone is never a good idea and always involves great effort and high costs. Or just make a new layer of silicone on the old one? The silicone on silicone does not keep you informed in this article. Silicone is not paintable and no wall paint or silicone on silicone would adhere to the old silicone joint. This is due to the material properties of silicone, silicone cures in the joint to a permanently elastic silicone aushat but has a very low surface tension which is moisture-repellent and waterproof. An advantage is the sanitary silicone as the Ottoseal S100 is available in many colors. It is easier and cheaper to remove the old silicone joint (best with silicone remover). One drawback is the silicone may discolour on contact with such substances as example curry or tomato sauce. With silicone joints in the kitchen, this is often observed.

Window sealant überstreibar

Although an acrylic sealant can be painted over, the old acrylic joint should first be checked for cracks, leaks or discolouration. If this is the case, it is not recommended to paint over acrylic, the result will be no improvement visually. In addition, with silicone joints and acrylic joints from the outside can not be seen whether this is dyed through, dirty or infested with mold. With an anti-mold spray, the superficial mold can indeed be removed, but a mold stuck deep in the joint can only be removed by renewing the joint.
The alternative: painter acrylic

If there is no correct silicone joint color and the field of application also allows an acrylic sealant, a painter acrylic is the right choice. Acrylic instead of silicone has many advantages when painting over:

  • Acrylic can be overcoated with a normal wall paint (emulsion paint) and gives a uniform overall picture.
  • Acrylic is cheap. An acrylic cartridge usually costs half of a silicone cartridge.
  • Maleracryl is easy to work with and can be overcoated with a renovation directly in one go.
  • The painter acrylic should be sprayed first in the joints so that it is dry when painting