Ottoflex Schallschutzband

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OTTO Chemie
OTTO Chemie

Ottoflex Dichtband ist ein extrem elastisches vlieskaschiertes Spezialdichtband zur Überbrückung von Rissen und Fugen, abdichten von Rohrdurchbrüchen und Rohrabläufen.

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Ottoflex Schallschutzband

Product information:

Ottoflex seal tape is an extremely elastic lined vlies special sealing tape for bridging cracks and joints, sealing of pipe penetrations and pipe flows.

  •  Fabric-reinforced rubber belt
  • Sealing against moisture in the indoor / outdoor 
  • Extremely flexible, durable, highly tear-resistant 
  • Compatible with commercially available tile adhesives and solvent-free coatings 
  • Compatible with OTTO silicone sealants 
  • Secure connection with OTTOFLEX Liquid 
  • Complies with the moisture load classes I / II / III / IV according to ZDB and after abP A1, A2, B, C

 Standards and tests:

  • Corresponds to the ZDB leaflet "Testing of sealing materials and sealing systems," Section 2.7 - waterproof - from Säurefliesner 'Association, Großburgwedel
  •  Tested according to DIN 1048 Testing IFEP one waterproof sealing system


  • Seal in the corner design for bridging cracks and joints
  • Sealing pipe penetrations and pipe flows


In solvent-free coatings can OTTOFLEX sealant (such as OTTOFLEX Liquid), tile adhesives and silicone joint sealants are applied directly. We recommend OTTOSEAL S 100 for the elastic sealing of ceramic coverings and OTTOSEAL S 70 for marble and natural stone.

Application Note:

Apply the Liquid Dichtbandbreite according to the OTTOFLEX primed with a primer substrate. Liquid sealing in the fresh appeal to pay attention to 5 cm overlap. Because of the large number of possible influences during processing and application of
User can always make a sample processing and application.

Delivery form:

Role, Width: 5 cm, length: 10m
Role, Width: 5 cm, length: 50m
Role, Width: 7 cm, length: 10m
Role, Width: 7 cm, length: 50m

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